Serving the Towns of MiloBrownvilleLake View Plantation, and the Townships of Ebeemee, T4 R9, & Williamsburg

Time is 8:10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.

The Board of Directors also voted to have
FREE E-Waste Disposal on the FIRST Saturday of EVERY month !

 If you have lots of bulky items, take advantage of getting rid of them for FREE !!!
A Permit is required for hauling demolition debris whether for yourself or another resident.

Contact your Town Office for specifics before you load your truck/trailer.

We have a sticker program that started April 1, 2013. 
You can purchase your sticker at any member town's Town Office or at the Transfer Station. 
There are $5.00 & $35.00 stickers.  These will replace you paying cash at the Transfer Station. 
You must have a sticker to dump any of the payable items.

If the gate is closed, the facility is closed to the public.

USER FEES (effective April 1, 2013):
Unstripped Mattress or Box Spring$5.00 each
Stripped Mattress or Box SpringNO CHARGE
Refrigerators (including gas) and Air Conditioners$15.00 each
E-Waste and Universal Waste (Televisions, Computer Monitors, etc.)$5.00 each
Bulky Waste (Furniture, Rugs, ect.) (effective 01/01/02010)$5.00 each
Wood Waste/Burn Pile (1/2 Ton Truck / Single Axle Trailer)$5.00 each
Wood Waste/Burn Pile (1 Ton Truck/ Double Axle Trailer)$10.00 each


NEW Disposal Fees (updated 5/3/2017)

Demo (CDD) Permit: 
1/2 Ton Truck $50.00 per load
1 Ton Truck $85.00 per load
Single Axle Trailer $50.00 per load
Dual Axle Trailer $85.00 per load
1/2 Ton Truck $50.00 per load
1 Ton Truck $85.00 per load
Single Axle Trailer $50.00 per load
Dual Axle Trailer $85.00 per load.


  • 3 ft. x 3ft. or less - free with regular household waste
  • Less than 9 ft. x 12 ft. - $10.00 each
  • Less than 12 ft. x 15 ft. - $20.00 each
  • More than 12 ft. x 15 ft. - $35.00 each

Please be sure to separate all goods. Each type of material must be deposited at the individual designated areas. No mixed loads, no commercial loads, and/or no large truckloads will be accepted. Pickup trucks or small trailer loads only.

You must have a Penquis sticker to use the facility. Stickers are available at no charge at your Town Office. If you have any questions, please call the Brownville Town Office at 965-2561, the Lake View Plantation Office at 965-8119, or the Milo Town Office at 943-2202.

Note: No regular household garbage ! Regular household garbage still goes curbside and will not be accepted at the transfer station.