Brownville Harvest Supper

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Penquis Key Club working to provide safe water for African village

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Stuart Hedstrom, Piscataquis Observer • October 29, 2019   

MILO — Many people in the developed world take for granted access to clean, safe drinking water, all they need to do is turn on a nearby facet or take the top off a bottle. In other nations, the process to get water involves walking for hours and then the source may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria and parasites that can lead to sickness and even death.

The Penquis Valley High School Key Club is working to change this situation for a village in the Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland a landlocked country in southern Africa, through the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project is a national nonprofit organization bringing safe drinking water to communities around the world where it is not immediately available.

Penquis students are hoping to raise $12,000 to fund a well for an Eswatini village.

Following a Thirst Project presentation to the high school student body on Oct. 24, Key Club President/Penquis Thirst Project Coordinator Rachel McMannus said she first learned about the initiative two years ago when she attended a New England & Bermuda District of Key Clubs District Educational Conference (DECON).

“I went to DECON two years ago and I heard Evan Wesley speak and he’s their vice president of student (activation). He did an amazing presentation and just like they did here at the end they said ‘if you want to get involved text this number’ and I texted that number and then actually later found out that Dover, Dexter, Greenville, they’re all involved in it as well.

“So I came back to the club, presented the idea and they loved it so we started to get fundraising ideas and doing that. We have been fundraising for a year and a half now and our bass tournament has been our biggest event,” she said about a tourney held last summer on Schoodic Lake.

“We have raised just about $9,000 as of right now,” McMannus, a senior, said. “Our next fundraising event will be the Halloween event as well as selling our cards at the SeDoMoCha Craft Fair so we’re really excited for that.”

“We would like to have the $12,000 raised by DECON this year which is in April so we’re hoping to present the check with them at DECON,” she said with the conference taking place in Springfield, Massachusetts.

McMannus said students have responded well to the Thirst Project. “This year we’ve got a lot of freshmen who are really excited about it and want to get involved a lot so hopefully we can raise it pretty quickly and get on to raising funds for other things like Camp Sunshine and continuing the Thirst Project which is our district project this year,” she said.

Thirst Project Road Warriors, a group whose members travel around the country to speak about the organization, Mikayla Martinez and Paul Rivas told the assembled students about the water crisis around the...

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Guffey takes over B & W Glass

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Staff, Piscataquis Observer • October 25, 2019

BROWNVILLE — After several decades owner Bill Graves of B & W Glass of Brownville (the business is named for Graves and his wife Wendy) has retired and turned his business over to Josh Guffey.

Graves, a veteran himself, will be succeeded by Guffey who retired from the military on July 29. Guffey and his wife Diane have moved to the area from the South and have bought a house. They are the parents of two children, ages 4 and 3.

Guffey is certified from the Equalizer Auto Glass Academy, and he will be taking over the auto glass portion of the business.

Graves will continue to do home glass repair and he has started a new business venture “Non-Typical Handyman Services” which can be reached at 965-8014.

Observer photo/Keri Foster
B & W GLASS — Bill Graves, right, has turned over the Brownville-based B & W Glass to Josh Guffey.

This is Piscataquis County 5K Race

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Fall Frolic - October 25

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2nd Grade Swimming Lessons

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Sebec: Chicken & Biscuits Supper AND Silent Auction

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Sebec Reading Room Kitchen Fundraiser

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SEBEC — Tucked in along the banks of the Sebec River where the glorious Sebec Lake terminates, the Sebec Reading Room sits quietly day after day, week after week, year after year, maintained and improved by the local volunteers organized as the Sebec Village Associates. For more than 75 years, the Sebec Village Associates has embraced their task of serving the community, and serve they do. People from the local area and visitors from away flock to events like the annual July 4 races and chicken barbecue and fall Apple Festival. From May to December the year is punctuated with deliciously satisfying meals that end with unparalleled home-baked goods while maintaining the community library within this same building. Now, after decades of preparing and serving the county’s best food, the kitchen is in dire need of a serious renovation. Handed down counters and boxes that are hung as cabinets without doors have become grossly inadequate — the cement floor has become the scourge of volunteers’ backs. After more than three quarters of a century supporting the community at 665 Sebec Village Road in the heart of Sebec Village, the Sebec Village Associates are in serious need of support from the community. In a word, the Sebec Village Associates need money and lots of it! They need to bring their ancient kitchen into the 21st century to continue what they do so well, bring the community together with food and fun so they can pay it forward. In all the years of sustaining the Sebec Reading Room, the financial need has never been so great. In the recent past, selling meals and baked goods has allowed the Sebec Village Associates to redo the barbecue pit, update the foundation of the building, repair a collapsed floor, add a handicapped access ramp and more, but these projects are dwarfed by the financial commitment of upgrading a kitchen that can serve well over 200 meals in a single event. Please consider a donation to the Sebec Village Associates for this necessary mission. Checks written to “SVA” can be mailed c/o Joan Baird, 87 Sunset Drive, Sebec, ME 04481. Individuals or businesses who can donate cabinets, countertops and other viable kitchen accoutrements are encouraged to contact Joan Baird as well at 564-8526.