Penquis Valley’s second quarter honor roll

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Democrat Don Crossman of Milo Announces Candidacy for House District 120

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Missing puppy ! Please help if you can !!!

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The pictured puppy was taken from a residence on the Billington Road.

It is possible that the people who picked it up thought it was lost as it may have been close to the road.

If you know its whereabouts, or picked it up as a good Samaritan, please contact us at 564 3304.

The owner is heartbroken.

New owner, new name: MMA to become the Central Maine and Quebec Railway

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Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District Announces Board Election Results

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Looking for a big fish? Schoodic derby may have just what you’re looking for

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As true today as it was when published !

Emera Maine prepares for latest winter storm

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Bangor, ME – As forecasters track the winter storm now bearing down on the state, Emera Maine is assembling resources and ensuring appropriate staffing is in place should the snowstorm cause power outages within the utility’s service territory. Trucks are fueled and equipped, and Emera Maine personnel have already held a pre-storm planning session to discuss staffing levels and finalize our storm-response should conditions warrant.

We’re monitoring the weather closely,” said Kim Wadleigh, Vice President, Transmission and Distribution Operations for Emera Maine. “With a combination of heavy snow, icing and strong winds expected, we’re bracing ourselves for what could result in power outages and difficult travel, so we’re taking the necessary steps to be sure our people, equipment, and resources are ready to engage at a moment’s notice.”

Customers are urged to call our Customer Service Center and report outages by calling toll-free at 1-855-EMERA11 (363-7211). The call center will be staffed throughout the storm.

Emera Maine encourages customers to follow these tips to be prepared for the storm:

- Keep candles, flashlights and radios on hand, in addition to fresh drinking water and non-perishable foods.

- Make sure electronic communication tools such as cell phones and tablets are fully charged.

- Fill your vehicle’s fuel tank.

In addition, the utility offers the following safety tips:

- Never touch a downed line, or a tree in contact with a downed line

. - Never run a generator indoors, or even in an attached garage with the door open.

- Do not attempt to refuel a generator or heater while it’s running.

- Be sure alternate heat sources are well ventilated, installed properly, and used according to manufacturer guidelines.

- Never use grills or camp stoves indoors; they can give off dangerous fumes.

Outage counts and estimated restoration times will be posted on our website, Emera Maine’s Bangor Hydro District customers may also check our live outage map for real-time outage and restoration information. (NOTE: Enhancements to the live outage map to include Maine Public District customers is currently in development.) Follow us on Twitter – @emerame

Emera Maine, headquartered in Bangor, Maine, is Maine's second largest electric utility. The company delivers...

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Schoodic Derby Grand Prize

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Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby by Milo Fire Department has as its Grand Prize a Polaris ATV !
Look what you could win! Just for a $5 Ticket !!!
Stop by the Milo Fire Station for tickets, also on Saturday and Sunday stop by one of the weigh stations to get your wining ticket !
Prizes are drawn Sunday evening at the Milo Town Hall.
Any question contact the Milo Fire Station at 207.943.2303.