Power outage affects 1,485 in Bangor, Brownville

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Death and Desserts at Milo Historical Society

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Post 41 American Legion Meeting Minutes 10/2/2013

Submitted by Margaret Anne Williams on October 6, 2013 - 7:19pm

These minutes are posted here and will be formally approved at our next regular meeting.


Joseph P. Chaisson Post 41


P.O. Box 177, Milo, ME 04463



Oct. 2, 2013

Meeting called to order by Commander Terry Knowles at 18:00 

Respect to colors by: Larry Keef, Sgt. at arms

Opening prayer by  Richard L. Graves Sr.

POW/MIA Chair posting by Howard White

 Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Commander Terry Knowles

Preamble recited by Post members led by Commander Terry Knowles

Meeting declared convened by Commander Knowles.

Attendance  24

Roll Call of officers:  Don Harris excused, Jeannette Page

SPECIAL GUEST(S)   Nancy Kirschbaum Past District Vice Commander, Randy Klug District Judge Advocate, Dan Nutter, District 2nd  Vice Commander Lee Leeman, Area 5 Commander, Richard L. Graves Sr. Dept. 1st Vice Commander.             

Post everlasting: Douglas V. Warren


Read by Adjutant Daniel A. Nutter Sr., approved as read


Finance by Cmdr Knowles, bingo account closed out.

Membership by 1st Vice Nancy Kirschbaum    We have 139 paid 55%,   if you haven’t paid your dues or know someone who hasn't see Nancy or Dan

Post activities:  2nd vice Newell Lyford,   Oct. 15 executive comm. 6:00 p.m., Oct. 19 District meeting in Milo, 6:30 supper, 7:30 meeting, Oct. 26 public bean supper, 5 to 6:60 to benefit local food cupboard. Nov. 6, regular meeting, 6:00 supper

Service Officer Report: By Margaret Williams, said with the government shutdown, that all commisaries were closed, and that I.d. cards can only be done at the Bangor guard base.

Obamacare, if you have enrolled in the va healthcare system you are covered, urging all veterans who have not enrolled to do so to avoid the penalty.

Americanism report  by Margaret Williams said they would like to do school awards again this year with the 5th grades.  Randy Klug made a

motion to do the school awards program again this year, 2nd by Lee Leeman, vote unanimous.

Sick Call: (This is where veterans who are sick are mentioned. Names removed due to privacy concerns).   

Executive Committee minutes read by Adjutant Daniel Nutter Sr.

Correspondence read by Adjutant


Internet is all hooked up and operational, Thanks to Rick Preston


The comdr. appointed Newell Lyford, Wallace Sinclair, Larry Keef, and Allen Murphy the supper committee for the legion to meet with the aux. for the bean supper. Those that volunteered to help on the supper, Lee Leeman, Margie Williams, Terry Knowles, Dick Graves, Nancy Kirschbaum, Rick Preston, Dan Nutter, Don Harris, Bill Sawtell, Bradshaw Clement...

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Students Receive Donated Trumpets

Submitted by Izzy Warren on October 4, 2013 - 7:05am

Bean Supper for Ecumenical Food Cupboard

Submitted by Margaret Anne Williams on October 3, 2013 - 3:25pm

Unit 41 Auxiliary and Post 41 American Legion will host their second annual benefit bean supper for the Milo Ecumenical Food Cupboard. The event will be held October 26 from 5-6:30 PM.  Proceeds will assist the food cupboard with their holiday meals.

With $19 tax rate and 326 residents, Atkinson to send revised deorganization plan back to voters

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Federal shutdown: What’s open, what’s closed

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Bangor area RV businesses targeted by known criminals, police say

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