From the Desk of State Senator Doug Thomas

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Maine's Secretary of State's Office has issued a warning about the website " ." Some Maine residents have used this website to attempt to renew their driver's license online. After providing the website with personal information and being charged a fee, users received information on how to renew their licenses but failed to receive a new license. This website is not associated with the Maine Secretary of State's office or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. To renew your driver's license online through the State of Maine's Rapid Renewal, you can visit

NH man denies defrauding Brownville of grant money when opening bullet-making business

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Letter to the Editor

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To my fellow Milo citizens:
My letter to you today concerns the public hearings and special town meeting in Milo on April 29. Building Milo is an ongoing effort. I see both public hearings and the town meeting as a few more steps in making a better community for us all.
The special town meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. after the public hearings which begin at 6:30 p.m.. A selectmen’s meeting will follow the special town meeting. It’s potentially a very busy evening.
~ The first scheduled public hearing is about a Community Development Block Grant that will facilitate renovations and an addition to New Beginnings Residential Care and Assisted Living on Park Street in Milo. Acceptance of our role in this CDBG translates into spaces for three additional residents and two new, full-time jobs in our town for qualified individuals. It has never made economic sense to me to for Milo to send a large portion of our eldercare dollars to other communities. We can do better.
New Beginnings owner, Tammy Trask, has considerable experience in day care for children and has successfully provided the necessary care for adults since opening New Beginnings in December of 2012. Tammy shares her philosophy on New Beginning’s Facebook page, “I believe there can be a personal, non-institutionalized, way of caring for our residents in a home-like setting without compromising quality of care and at the same time allowing each resident as an individual to be a part of choosing what will best meet their individual needs.” That is what we all want for our loved ones. Anyone who has been a caregiver knows the value of a safe place for a loved one to live with dignity when they become unable to care for themselves. The quality of life for their families can be better too. They are able to stay connected more
easily with their loved ones in care who are now nearby rather than a greater distance away. Life in Milo has been enriched by having this facility and it is my hope it will continue to grow.
 ~ The second public hearing is about submitting an application to the State of Maine CDBG Program for a Housing Rehabilitation Program proposal to improve the condition of housing in Milo. Similar grants have been in existence for many years and have helped residents make their eligible homes more safe, comfortable, and attractive. This housing rehab grant proposal makes sense to me. Safer homes are always better and if they are more comfortable and look better too - it’s all good. The special town meeting at 7:00 p.m. will be to vote on the proposals described above after hearing more details and having the opportunity to ask questions in the public hearings and town meeting.
I have a special interest in these two proposals - I’m not getting any younger and neither is my home !
Hope to see you on the 29th !


National magazine: Maine’s high schools rank among best in the US

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Ex-town manager: Vt. man accused of fraud seemed like ‘very capable businessman

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Police investigating Dover-Foxcroft shooting

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Brownville: Flushing Hydrants in May

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Water Department personnel will be flushing the hydrants in both the Village and Junction systems during the month of May and continuing until the systems are completely flushed. You may experience loss of water pressure and discoloration of the water. Thank you for your patience during this necessary semi-annual maintenance of the water systems. Please contact the Town Office (965-2561) with any questions or concerns.

Defense: Vermont man intended to bring jobs to Brownville not defraud it of $300,000 block grant

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