Program hopes $100 scholarships will inspire Maine students to attend college

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Judge declares mistrial after jury deadlocks over Brownville woman accused of hiring hit man to kill husband

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Jury deadlocked in trial of Brownville woman accused of hiring hit man to kill husband

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March 2014 Milo Library News

Milo Library News
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Milo Free Public Library

News Article

by Rochelle Williams

March, 2014


Books for Sale!!

We are in the process of weeding books from our library in the adult fiction section.  There is a nice variety to choose from of authors and subjects (suspense, romance, mystery, etc.).  These books reside downstairs in a bookcase and also on tables with a comfy chair to sit and peruse what might interest you.  We have a small selection of children’s books as well.  Paperbacks are a dime each and hardbacks are a quarter each or 5 for one dollar.  Come check it out.  You never know what you might find.


The book display for March is:  Broaden Your Horizons – Try a New Author.  You just might enjoy an author you have not yet read. 


NOW – for some of the New Books that have arrived:


Alexander McCall Smith       The Forever Girl

Kate Alcott                          The Daring Ladies of Lowell

Laura Lippman                     After I’m Gone                                                                                      

J.D. Robb                            Concealed In Death

Ann Cleeves                        Dead Water

M.C. Beaton                        Death of a Policeman

Jonathan Kellerman              Killer

Janet Evanovich                   The Chase

J.A. Jance                           Moving Target

Nick Trout                           The Patron Saint of Dogs

Julie Otsuka                        Buddha in the Attic                                                                   

Terry Lynn Johnson              Ice Dogs

Clive Cussler                       The Bootlegger

Benjamin Black                   The Black-Eyed Blonde

Rhys Bowen                        City of Darkness and Light

Laura Childs                        Steeped in Evil

Jeffrey Archer                      Be Careful What You Wish For

James Grippando                 Black Horizon

Kate Mosse                         Citadel

Harlan Coben                       Missing You

Paul Garrison                      Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Option

C.J. Box                              Stone Cold

Michael Robotham               Watching You


More new books are on their way.


Questions!!  Call 943-2612 or e-mail us at


Winter hours in effect

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

1 PM – 7 PM

Saturday:  10 AM - Noon

Cab driver says Brownville housewife asked him to set up hit on husband, wanted it to ‘look like a hunting accident’

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More snow...where's Spring !?!

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Notes for Joe

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March 18 was a busy evening at the Milo Town Hall !

Dr. Kenneth Woodbury presented the proposal for a Community Development Block Grant by Tammy Trask for Park Place Residential Adult Care. A site plan was shared for its location at 221 West Main Street in Milo. As with past grants, it will be brought to a town meeting for final approval/acceptance at a future date if the application is approved. Meanwhile it is important for citizens to learn as much as possible about the benefits the facility has the potential to bring to our community. I will post more about my view of the benefits when I have a little more information. For now I will point out what has been obvious to me for some time - that as things stand today a significant amount of Milo’s elder care dollars have been supporting institutions in other communities and having minimal benefit to Milo citizens. Our workers have traveled to work at these sites. Milo families have been burdened with traveling, and with the related costs of time and money, to visit their loved ones. We can do better.

The enactment of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinance is a step in the right direction for helping our citizens by allowing them access to long term, low interest, loans based on their income to debt ratio as opposed to their credit rating. One website says: “This unique program allows residents in towns that have passed a PACE ordinance to get low-interest loans on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, everything from insulation and caulking to solar hot water and solar electric systems…a home with improvements financed through the PACE program will benefit with improved comfort and reduced fossil fuel energy costs and carbon emissions.” The ordinance becomes effective thirty one days from its passage. Getting a little ahead of myself, it was enacted at the Selectmen’s meeting later on in the evening.

Fireworks ordinances relating to the sale and use of fireworks drew significant public comment from the few persons in attendance. I don’t remember too much controversy over the sales ordinance but the one dealing with the use of fireworks brought a lot of meaningful discussion. It was decided to have a further conversation/meeting and see what could be incorporated or changed in the ordinance to better serve all citizens. A “noise ordinance” may be needed to address concerns. It’s important to realize that thoughtless, dangerous, irresponsible, use of fireworks by people in Milo have necessitated an ordinance. They have hurt fireworks users who are careful, responsible, and considerate by making restrictions necessary to...

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2014 Annual Plantation Meeting

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The 2014 Annual Lake View Plantation Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Lake View Plantation Office.  Hope to see you there.