Defense propels Penquis boys basketball team past Piscataquis

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Flu Advisory

Submitted by Ben Kittredge on January 13, 2014 - 7:38am

The Maine Department of Health advises that the level of flu is rising in the state and further that the match of the flu virus to the flu vaccine is good.  A good match suggests that the flu vaccine may by particularly protective against flu; it's not too late to get a flu shot.  As always protect yourself with good handwashing and protect others by covering that cough.

                               signed: Town Health Officer

Roads in Milo

Submitted by Izzy Warren on January 12, 2014 - 1:45pm

I drove down through town around noon today. While many of us are still chipping, salting and sanding (or kitty littering) our drives and walks, the paved roads I drove over seemed pretty good considering the weather we've been having.

The Town of Milo has 32 miles of roads winding through our community and intersecting with DOT maintained roads. The Milo Public Works crew has been out and continues to work at clearing, salting and sanding those 32 miles of road. You really "can't fool Mother Nature" but the crew does their work as best they can after she clobbers us. They can not be all things to all people and there will be more to do next week, I'm sure. Overall I think they've done a good piece of work for us during this hideous icy storm we've all just endured.

Nonetheless, stuff happens. When a road related problem arises for a Milo resident there is no central telephone number nor a staff person to accept calls at the public works garage, or at the town office during off hours, which can be frustrating. The Milo Police Department is able to contact the Milo Public Works crew and the DOT crew when necessary. The best way to contact Milo Police Department is to speak with the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office dispatcher at 207-564-3304. The Town of Milo makes salt/sand available to Milo residents at the town garage on Knowles Avenue - 2 buckets a day. A Knowles Avenue resident told me just this morning that there are many people taking the salt/sand - he's seen as many as five vehicles at a time there. Some people are planning ahead and that is a good thing. Do keep the sand dry. It's not quite so heavy as it is if it gets soaked with water like mine did a while back...and then the water froze. Ever try to get ice and water out of a bucket that you couldn't lift to pour it out ? That is not a good thing. If you feel your concerns are not being adequately addressed please contact Wilma Stanchfield, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, at 207.943.2133 or any of the Selectmen in the Municipal Directory on Milo's Town Office pages on TRC Maine (

An ounce of prevention will always be the best cure for any problem. Join the Milo residents who plan ahead with salt/sand, de-icer, etc.

Hoping the ice all over the state continues to melt. It has to be gone by July, right ?

Trevor Lyford captures second athlete of the week

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(From January 11,2014)

Milo Police Department

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Good evening, folks. I really don't need to be Chief Obvious here... Please stay home unless you really HAVE to go out. The road crews are doing what they can, but the roads are continuing to freeze. Walking is treacherous as well so please, put on some creepers or just wait it out.

January Board Meeting of the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District

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LaGrange Fire Department

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Warning for anyone that uses any type of portable heater. They can be very dangerous and easily malfunction if not used properly. Sometimes even when they are used properly they can cause damage.
Make sure you have a well ventilated space with no combustibles around your heater.
Check them regularly for leaks, cracks and if they are old please check more often.
When temperature get as cold as they have been, people tend to be less vigilant about making sure they are safe and more concerned about not being cold. It only takes a minute to do a quick check of the heater and the area. Please take a moment today, it might save your life and your home!