Piscataquis County officials consider request to resume plowing Squaw Mountain Road

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Trial of Brownville woman accused of murder-for-hire plot again delayed

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Special Notice for BJHS Alumni

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Raymond (Buffy) Butterfield, Class of 1957, has had major surgery and is recovering at EMMC in Bangor ! "Get Well" wishes for Buffy can be sent to: Raymond Butterfield, Room 523 Easter Maine Medical Center 489 State Street Bangor, Maine 04401

Milo Library News - November, 2013

Milo Library News
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Milo Free Public Library

News Article

by Rochelle Williams

November 8, 2013


ATTENTION:  Beginning Wednesday, November 13, our library hours on Mondays and Wednesdays will change from 2 PM – 8 PM to 1 PM – 7 PM.  Fridays will remain the same (1 PM – 7 PM).  This is to better serve our patrons and our hours will be consistent through the week.

Our drawing class held on Thursdays from 9 – 11 AM is going well and also very fun.  We had a new person join us last week.  So if anyone feels the urge to draw, come on over or contact one of the people listed below.

For more information about classes and supplies needed, please contact Linda @943-7928; lindaem@onix.net or Ellen at 943-3437; corriemony@hotmail.com.  You can also check out Suzette’s website: www.suzetteeast.com.

Each class is $5.00.  It is pay as you go.  You can attend as many classes as you want.

As Suzette says – “Express yourself”.


We have collected quite a few new Christmas books by some of our favorite authors.  We will be putting them on the new fiction shelf Friday, November 8th.  Our patrons are already getting into the mood for a nice Christmas story.


NOW – for some of the New Books that have arrived in September and October:

Julie Garwood                      Hotshot

Nelson DeMille                    The Quest

Stephen King                       Doctor Sleep

Nicholas Sparks                  The Longest Ride

Susan Wilson                      A Man of His Own

Anne Perry                          Blind Justice

Michael Brandman               Robert B. Parker’s Damned If you Do

J.A. Jance                           Second Watch

Sue Grafton                         W is for Wasted

Sandra Brown                      Deadline

Catherine Coulter                 The Final Cut                                                                            

James Patterson                  Gone

Frederick Forsyth                 The Kill List

Jenna Blum                         Those Who Save Us

Richard Paul Evans              A Step of Faith

Jennifer Skiff                        The Divinity of Dogs (non-fiction)

Rachel Joyce                       The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Susan Wiggs                       Candlelight Christmas

Mary Kay Andrews               Christmas Bliss

Bruce W. Cameron              The Dogs of Christmas

Nancy Thayer                      A Nantucket Christmas

Sherryl Woods                     A Seaside Christmas

Debbie Macomber                Starry Night

Ted Dekker...

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Milo man pleads guilty to causing more than $43,000 in damage while stealing copper from Bangor Hydro

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Maine Minister has new book published!

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Experiencing Joy and Peace Instead of Just Talking About It 

Simple, yet profound thoughts for people who truly desire a life of peace and joy. Local minister, Jim Colley, writes book to be released on November 18th, Tomorrow Can Wait, Yesterday Is Past, Live Today! on Amazon.com.

Written in an easy to understand format, Colley gives his experiences three years ago that led to a transformation of thought. Accept each moment. See each person as someone loved. Be nonjudgmental in thought and have no negativity in spirit. Do not allow your own beliefs (political or religious) to interfere with caring about others and being kind, though their beliefs may be different. Let go of the past and do not be obsessed with the future. Live fully in the present moment. 

These are some of the simple but powerful concepts that will free you to live a life, consistently full of peace and joy. As you embark on a life changing journey through this book, you'll come to realize tranquility instead of just talking about it.

His publisher states, “A challenging read for anyone unaccustomed to seeking answers outside their own belief system.”

Jim Colley is currently the pastor of the Family Worship Center in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. For more information go to www.tomorrowcanwait.org and look it up on Facebook.

Attorney General Mills Warns Door-to-Door Meat Sales are a Recipe for Deception

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AUGUSTA – Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills is warning Mainers about fraudulent door-to-door meat sellers who have been active in the state recently. The sellers claim the meat is left over from a delivery that fell through. They say you can buy the meat at extremely low prices, but the meat turns out to be very expensive and low-quality -- and they won’t allow you to cancel.

Often the scammer tells you a local restaurant "couldn't take the whole order," or that a neighbor to whom the meat was to be delivered was not home. Such come-on lines usually are completely false. They just lead you to think you can get a great bargain -- if you make a snap decision to buy. That's a recipe for deception. Such scam-artists often fail to obtain required licenses, and they often fail to give customers the required written and oral three-day cancellation notices.

Follow these tips to avoid being cheated by door-to-door meat or food sellers:

• Be wary of door-to-door meat and seafood sellers who stop unannounced. There are some legitimate companies that sell food door to door (especially those that come to deliver orders placed by consumers), but you need to be very careful.

• Shop for the best prices -- and focus on price per pound. Don't be swayed by price-per-serving claims. That's a meaningless and bogus comparison. • Insist on written notification of your three-day right to cancel. Maine law gives you three business days to cancel a purchase at your door, and get a full refund. The law also requires the seller to tell you of this right, and to give you two written notices of the right. Don't buy from any door-to-door seller who does not give you the proper cancellation notices.

• Licensing is the law. All door-to-door sellers must be licensed or have a permanent place of business in Maine. The seller is required to carry a copy of this license during door-to-door sales. Ask to see a copy of the salesman’s license issued by the Maine State Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and any local permits required by the town. All transactions over $25 require a written receipt with the sellers license number/

• Write down license plate numbers and descriptions. Help law enforcement officials by recording pertinent information about these scam-artists and contacting your local authorities. Some sellers may be wanted in other states or localities.

Some door-to-door food sellers are legitimate. To check whether complaints have been received against a company -- or to report a door-to-door food scam contact the Maine Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-436-2131 or 626-8849 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – noon and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by email at consumer.mediation@maine.gov.

The State & Capitol 2013 Maine Election Guide

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