Milo Historical Art Show Cancelled

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Milo Historical - The Hooded Ones

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The Hooded Ones

Milo Historical Society
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Penquis Valley Spanish Club bottle drive

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Staff, Piscataquis Observer • June 1, 2020

MILO — Penquis Valley High School Spanish Club students and parents are going to be counting bottles at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2 between Trask Insurance and the little red warehouse on the Sebec River in Milo. We are counting bottles to help out Three Rivers Redemption Center because we have created a log-jam and his shed is full and we have had two wagons and a utility trailer sitting waiting to be unloaded. Mike C. says he has never seen such an outpouring of support for a club bottle drive. He said they usually slow down after a little while but ours keeps getting bigger.

Our wagon has been in front of Tradewinds Market since last July with a sign on it and has already paid for 20% of our students’ trips to Spain in April of 2021. With other fundraising, we have already paid about 40% of their trips and we have almost a year to keep going.

Unfortunately, most fundraisers have had to stop (like selling quesadillas and crafts at the Black Fly Festival), but this fundraiser just keeps going thanks to Tradewinds, Brian Trask (of Trask Insurance and one of our parents) and our surrounding towns.

Brownville Summer Rec. 2020 Info

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Brownville Public Library - Temporary Hours

Brownville Library News
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Milo Water District Consumer Confidence Report/2019

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Library Update

Milo Library News
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