Milo Rec Summer Programs

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First responders save canoeist's life during Sebec River Canoe race

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Linked from: WABI TV-5

MILO, Maine (WABI) - A scary situation led rescuers to the aid of a trapped canoeist during the Sebec River Canoe Race on Saturday.

Milo Fire Captain Robert Coburn says, "The comment was made on the way in, "oh my God, the water's going." It's the highest I've ever seen it."

Coburn has been working the Sebec River Canoe Race for 20 years.

He says, "We've had flip overs and brought people out of the water and got them back in their canoes but nothing like this."

Nick Rowley, a competitor in Saturday's race says, "We ended up hitting a rock. We fell out of the boat."

Nick Rowley is an experienced canoeist, doing several races a year...

He says, "What you're supposed to do is get on your back and ride it out which is what I did but I couldn't get away from the boat and when the boat hit a rock it turned 90 degrees and pinned me against the rock. I knew I was in some trouble."

First responders quickly jumped into action but reaching Rowley in those currents was difficult.

Coburn says, "When we finally got up next to him I's not good."

Rescuers were trying everything to free Rowley who had on no wet suite from the 45 degree water.

Rowley says, "It wasn't an easy rescue for sure and they even put their own lives at risk trying to help me."

After an hour of fighting, they were finally able to pull him free.

When asked if they are heroes Milo Fire Chief Donnie Richards says, "No, we were just helping somebody out...that's what we do."

Rowley has a message for all the men and women who worked tirelessly saved his life. He says, "I'd like to say thanks and I'm really grateful for everybody there who helped me out."

Rowley only suffered mild hypothermia and minor bumps, bruises and swelling.

His canoe however wasn't so lucky. He says, "If you're looking to buy a canoe, I have one that's half off."

Black Fly Festival on June 1st!

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Milo Memorial Day Parade

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The annual Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 27, in Milo will form at the American Legion on West Main Street. The parade steps off at 10 a.m. and proceeds to the bridge for the Naval ceremony. From there the procession continues to Evergreen Cemetery for the placing of wreaths at the Civil War, World War I and World War II monuments and further ceremonies and speakers.

Seacost Soccer Summer Camps

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Penquis Valley Spring Concert

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Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society Holds Annual Meeting

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The Brownville-Brownville Junction Historical Society held its annual meeting on May 14th at the Parish House Museum. 


The election of officers retained the same officers from last year:

President & Secretary - Susan Worcester

Vice president - George Dean

Treasurer - Lana Washburn


The crew from the Charleston Correctional Facility is expected to begin the renovation project of the bathroom within the next few weeks. The Society is thankful that the labor for this project will be provided by the Correctional Facility and hopes that this project will provide a handicapped accessible space at the museum.


The big project for the volunteers will be working on the restoration of the scoreboard from Brownville Junction High School. It is hoped that project will be completed - as much as it is possible to do so - by the BJHS Alumni Reunion Weekend in August. George Dean is trying to locate any photos possible that might show just what the scoreboard looked like when the school was opened. If anyone has such information, please contact the Society at or call Susan at 965-8070.


There was discussion about projects the volunteers hope to complete this summer at the museum; those projects include the documentation of all items and documents in the museum in the PastPerfect program and that work will continue for a long time to come.


Susan Worcester talked about volunteerism. While the number of regular volunteers at the museum is very small, it is a dedicated group and there is never a lack of projects to work on. Susan listed several projects that need to be undertaken should new volunteers appear. Most of these tasks require little skill or training but the current volunteers are willing to train new people for any task they wish to learn. The importance of volunteerism can not be over-emphasized! There are so many organizations that provide worthwhile and necessary work for our small communities and the Historical Society is just one of these. Perhaps you would not be interested in spending a few hours at the museum every week, but if you are only able to take on a short term project that can be worked on at home or completed in a few weeks or a month at the museum, WE NEED YOU! If you would like to become one of the weekly volunteers who “man” the museum on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm every week from mid-June through September, WE NEED YOU! Whatever amount of time, whatever skills you have to offer, whatever part of Brownville and the Junction’s history interests you, WE CAN FIND A PLACE FOR YOU! Please drop in or contact Susan at 965-8070, through email:


The museum will open on June 18th this year. There will be two Saturday dates when it will...

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Milo Water District Consumer Confidence Report for 2018

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