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Milo, Brownville split over park plan

Article from Bangor Daily News, Saturday, March 25, 2006

By Diana Bowley
Staff Writer

MILO - For a few years, Milo and Brownville shone as an example in the state of how two communities could pool their efforts and regionalize, but something happened along the way.

Rather than expand on their cooperative efforts, the two communities have pulled apart.

Last year, the towns dissolved their relationship in a shared police department.

This month, the communities announced that the planned partnership in the Eastern Piscataquis Industrial Park had fizzled.

"What has happened in the past is not indicative that we won't try to grow further cooperative efforts in the future," Milo Town Manager Jane Jones said Friday. "It is rather, recognition of the fact that some of the things you try in life are successful and some are not."

Brownville officials last week hinted that the town was not happy with the park project and that discussions have centered on pulling out of the project.

But it became official on Friday when Jones released a letter to Brownville and Milo residents that announced the dissolution of the planned partnership in the park.

Residents were told that Brownville will be released of any financial obligation and that Milo will govern and market the park.

"We have come to the conclusion that the future administration of the proposed industrial park in Milo is too cumbersome to continue in its present form," the letter said. "The decision is mutual and was arrived at within the new framework of trust and open communication."

Jones said town officials view the process that got the two communities together as a positive one. "It brought us together and allowed us to meet each other as neighbors to share concerns and perspectives," she said.

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