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Donations flood in to Milo family

Article from Bangor Daily News, Thursday, March 16, 2006

By Diana Bowley
Staff Writer

MILO - Telephones at the town office began ringing early Wednesday as people around the state offered to help a family of 13 whose home and belongings were destroyed by fire.

Gary and Nancy Metilly and their 11 children lost just about everything when a fire Tuesday morning consumed their mobile home and an addition.

They had no insurance.

Town officials fielded calls the next day from people eager to help, according to Murrel Harris, Milo's recreation director. "It has been overwhelming," he said.

. L.L. Bean Inc. offered to outfit the 11 children and their parents with footwear.

. A local retired doctor said the family could live with him until they found a permanent home.

. Someone provided the family with a $1,300 Wal-Mart gift certificate.

. Three Rivers Kiwanis Club donated $1,000.

. The contents of three houses in three communities were offered to the family, Harris said, and there were offers to help the family rebuild.

. A coastal resident drove to Milo to donate a banjo to one of the children. The children are taught at home and enjoy playing bluegrass music but lost their instruments in the fire.

Gary Metilly, 30, said Wednesday that his family appreciates "all of the outreach that's going on."

"It's awesome. Sometimes you never realize how much of an impact you make on a community until you have a disaster like this and all of a sudden people come out the woodwork and are just there to bless you."

There has been so much clothing and items left for the family at the town office that town officials are no longer accepting any more items, according to Harris.

"This is a fine example of why people live in small communities," Harris said. "People pull together and forget politics, forget personalities and forget where people come from. They pull together in a time of need. It's just been an amazing thing to see."

Edwin and Ethelyn Treworgy of Milo have volunteered to head up the relief efforts.

The couple are taking names and telephone numbers of people who would like to assist the family and are consulting with the Metilly family daily to keep track of their needs. They can be reached at 943-7748. Those who want to help the family can call the town office at 943-2202, ext. 4, and the messages will be forwarded to the Treworgys.

Nancy Metilly, 40, is pregnant. Their children are Isaiah, 19, Elizabeth, 17, Jonathan, 16, Andrew, 13, Josiah, 12, Hannah, 10, Hadassah, 7, Miriam, 5, Ribqah, 3, Shamyah, 2, and 10-month-old Ezekiel.

"They're good people, and their kids are wonderful kids," Edwin Treworgy said Wednesday. "The parents take good care of the kids and teach them well. It's just a nice family."

Treworgy, a retired teacher and Kiwanis member, is no stranger to the Metilly family. He said the Metilly boys are known for making bread on Tuesday mornings and peddling it around town.

Treworgy, a regular customer, said the older boys rise at 2 a.m. to make wheat, white and oatmeal breads, then travel on their bicycles to deliver the fresh products to earn a little money.

Metilly said he hopes he can find a 15-passenger van soon so the family can travel together. He also plans to start building a house on the 30 acres the family owns on Deer Run Drive. Until then, the family plans to stay in one of two homes made available to them in the Brownville area. Two of the eldest sons will stay with a Milo family close enough to care for the family's farm animals, Metilly said.

Metilly, who said he has studied to become an electrician and plans to apprentice with Duffy's Electric in Eddington, is looking forward to his new job, which starts on March 27. But he recognizes that he has much work to do to settle his family and bring them together under one roof again.

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