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Lake View Plantation votes to form withdrawal committee

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 14, April 03, 2002

BROWNVILLE JUNCTION Lake View Plantation votes to form withdrawal committee

In a referendum vote on March 19, the residents of Lake View decided to move forward with the process of withdrawing from MSAD # 41.

Facing the possibility of having to pay on a valuation basis rather than a per-pupil basis, residents of Lake View Plantation began looking into the possibility of withdrawing from the school district late last year. A special Maine law, enacted in the 1960s, is allowing Lake View to pay the school district based on the number of students it sends to the district which over the past several decades has not climbed above 10.

As one of the highest valued towns in the district. Lake View could be facing substantially increased costs if the law is changed. However, if they decide to withdraw from the district, residents could also face the costs of tuition, transportation, any special needs students and more.

Last month's vote will allow the community to form a committee that will examine the withdrawal process. A final vote, in addition to Department of Education approval, will have to occur before the town can leave the district.

Residents approved the formation of a committee and authorized the committee to spend up to $10,000 on withdrawal procedures with a 42-4 vote.

The committee, formed from both town officials and community members, will schedule its first meeting before April 20.

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