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Legislature OKs Atkinson deorganization plans

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 17, April 24, 2002

AUGUSTA The Legislature has given its approval to allow the residents ofAtkinson to decide whether or not the community should deorganize.

Senator Paul Davis (R-Sangerville) introduced the needed legislation this past year that permits the town to present a referendum question to the citizens of Atkinson on whether or not the town should deorganize.

"It is not my decision has to whether or not Atkinson should become an unorganized territory, but it is my duty to make sure the people who live in that communty have to option to vote on the issue. That is why I sponsoredlegislation so Atkinson is able to present the issue of deorganization to its residents and to let them have the opportunity to choose what they think .is best for their community," Senator Davis stated.

Private and Special Law 59 states that Atkinson voters will be presented the following question on election day, Nov. 5, "Do you favor the deorganization of the Town of Atkinson?"

This Act must be approved by at least two-thirds of the legal voters voting at the special election, and the total number of votes cast for and against the acceptance of this Act at the election must equal or exceed 50 percent of the total number of votes cast in the town for Governor at the last gubernatorial election in order to become effective.

If approved by the voters, the deorganization would take effect July 1, 2003. Atkinson would become one of approximately 400 unorganized territories in Maine.

First settled in 1804 by Bylie Lyford, Atkinson was incorporated as Maine's 230th town in 1819. The town was named in honor of Judge Atkinson of New Hampshire, who furnished the town with a library of 100 volumes.

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