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Atkinson student adds education to experience

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 19, May 08, 2002

By Sarah MacIlroy
Staff Writer

MACHIAS "Gee! Gee!" commands the sandy-haired junior from Atkinson, Maine, as she moves her team of working steers before the young audience from UMM's Elizabeth Clarke Plaherty Early Care and Education Center. While the children stare wide-eyed at the large animals, Larae Nuite smiles at the fortune of combining her passion for kids, farm animals, and her studies here at the University of Mlaine at Machias.

Earlier that same morning, Larae conducted a class demonstration for her course in public speaking. The highlight of the presentation involved a hands-on demonstration in a campus parking lot, where several students from more urban locales enjoyed their first close encounters of the farm kind. For Larae, it was old hat after practicing this hobby for almost ten years.

While the oxen might be unique to the UMM campus community, for Larae it was a chance to bridge the elements of home and her blossoming education that are so fundamental in the understanding of this young woman and her dreams.

Born and raised on the farm, Larae with a laugh, is quick to credit that upbringing as "where you leam everything you need to know about life or at least all you need to get yourself on the right path."

Last summer Larae took her combination of interests a step further,when she worked as wrangler/counselor at the Lake Mancos Dude Ranch in Colorado. As she describes, "I was basically responsible for activity programming with kids (ages 5-18) and horses." As guest families arrived at the ranch parents were entertained with set of options, while the youngsters pursue another. It is really this blend of animals and children that inspired her career aspirations, which are to make use of her recreation experience in a therapeutic setting.

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