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Milo's EZ Fit U makes aerobics easier fit

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 23, June 05, 2002

By Sarah MacIlroy
Staff Writer

MILO When some people think of burning fat through exercise, a Jane Fonda-like image appears in their minds eye, intimidating them and making fitness goals seem far-fetched and unattainable.

But sometimes it takes people like Carol Witham, fitness instructor and owner of EZ Fit U, to make physical fitness and sensible weight loss a more reachable goal.

"You see those slim, trim exercise leaders and sometimes what the girls have talked to me about is that they're intimidated by them," Witham says, explaining how she hopes her simple classes will help people feel better about themselves.

"Do something good for yourself," she encourages. "It has to be a discipline. It's like work or church or anything you go to on a regular basis... if you stop going it's hard to go back to it, but it's as important as
taking your shower and brushing your teeth."

Witham, who is in the process of getting recertified for fitness and nutrition instruction, said her interest in the subjects started in highschool and grew from there. "I took a fitness and nutrition class in my early 20s," she said. "After that I went into the medical field and was a CNA for many years."

Witham explained that her work in the mental health field re-emphasized the importance of fitness and
nutrition on both the mind and the body.

"I really study a lot on the medical' aspects of this," she said. "It's great for people that want to lose weight and look great, but my major point of starting this is that we have a lot of people with arthritis or heart problems and exercise can help heal the body. That's what I wanted to give to the community."

Witham, who has also worked at the Piscataquis Regional YMCA, said her classes first started out in the community center in Derby. Eventually, the classes outgrew the center, and with the encouragement of her friend Becky Walker, Witham launched EZ Fit U.

"It's called EZ Fit U because it is easy exercises that are going to fit you. Everybody's different (in their fitness needs)," she explained. There are exercises for people with lung problems and everything. Also, I'm willing to go into the home for people that can't get out. Even people in wheelchairs can exercise their upper body... My goal is to promote health and healing. The body was made to move."

Class member Kelly Briggs, who has been taking classes with Witham since February, said she has lost 13 pounds so far and would recommend the class to anyone. "When I heard about it I was a little intimidated," she said. "But in all aspects, the class has made me feel better... The exercises are low-impact and great."

Barbara Johnson had a stroke several years ago and said the class has helped her road to recovery. "I need to come back every week," she said. "You get kinda slack when you're at the house doing it."

Witham said that working with the class is rewarding for her, as well.

"I like helping people," she said. "It's good to see them (feeling better)... I get reports of people's balance and them being able to use a side of the body that was weak. They notice that it is stronger, and they can use it better. You know, it's such an uplifting thing."

Both morning and evening classes are offered at the Milo business at their location on Main Street. Morning classes meet from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday.Evening classes meet at two different times: from 5 to 6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday.

The first evening class features chair dancing, which Witham says is a good workout tailored for people
with some limitations. The second class offers total body conditioning.

"If people call me, we can discuss their individual needs and wants," she said.

For more information on the fitness instruction at EZ Fit U, call Carol Witham at (888) 943-5775.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.