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Sebec board followed the rules

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 33, August 14, 2002
To the editor:

In response to the letter from Selectman Susan C. Dow of Sebec in your July 20th issue of the Observer .

I am a planning board member and was so at the time of the permit request (4/24/2001) of "one conforming commercial to another." Nowhere on the permit was there a request for a marina. The word 'Marina' was not even on the permit !

The permit was received by the planning board without a plot plan. The plot plan, which is required to grant permits, may have cleared up questions as to the intent of the permit. The permit, in fact, never stated what the other conforming use would be. A condition was placed, by the planning board, on the granted permit "dry storage, to sell" within the confines of the store. The planning board cannot just hand out a "Blank Permit" so that people can do what they please in Shore Land Zoning, there are guidelines that the Town and the state have adopted !

The owners of the property had 35 days to appeal the decision of the planning board. They did not! A letter was also sent to the property owners, by the chairman of the planning board (5/21/2001), stating what they had a permit for. In addition, the letter informed them what was needed if they had intentions of applying for a permit for a marina. There was no response to either the permit or the letter sent from the planning board chairman.

Sebec does have a locally-adopted Shore Land Zoning Ordinance. Shouldn't we expect our elected and appointed officials to understand and administer our laws responsibly? If we, as a town, feel that there are laws that no longer apply or we no longer want¸then we should change those laws, not ignore them!

The solution is very simple, maybe too simple to fathom. All the property owner has to do is apply for a 'Marina' permit with all the information required by our Shoreland Zoning Ordinance guidelines. It has nothing to do with who wants it and who doesn't. As long as they are within the guidelines required by Sebec's shoreland zoning ordinances the "Problem in Sebec" is resolved !

Phyllis A. Fariel
Sebec Planning Board member

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.