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Brent Baileys Bear-One Guide Service

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 164, No. 34, August 21, 2002

By Sarah MacIlroy
Staff Writer

MILO With hunting season on the horizon for Maine, hundreds of hunters will be heading to the Piscataquis County woods hoping for a trophy animal.

However, those looking for an alternative to what can sometimes be aimless wandering in the woods now have a better option with Brent Bailey's Bear-One Guide Service in Milo.

Bailey, who's been a registered Maine guide for the past 15 years, said he's been offering his services on the side for several years.

"Back in the mid 80s, I worked with a couple of friends who had a guide service, and I really enjoyed it," he said. Since that time he has offered services through his employer, Ox-Yoke Originals, for several years before branching out on his own.

In fact. Bailey's expertise in the woods has been featured in several outdoor magazines and on television. This fall TV Host Larry Weishuhn will traveling to the area to spend some time with Bailey for his TV show, Thompson Center Hunting the World.

Through Bear-One Guide Service, outdoor enthusiasts can choose which level of service they'll need during bear season, which starts the last Monday in August.

"The platinum package includes everything-lodging, meals, transportation, land access fee-the whole works including the bear site," he said. "The gold package includes lodging and transportation to the bear site, and the bronze package includes just the bear site."

Getting the sites ready for another year is work that starts close to four months ahead of the season, he said.

"First, you have to get a permit for the site," he said, "and then you work on establishing a tree stand in a healthy tree and clearing brush... What I do is put a tree stand up and then cover it back up with brush."

"You have to face it in the right direction so as to not carry your scent over the bait," he said.

To determine what spots couldwork for bear hunters. Bailey said he takes into consideration the environment of the surrounding area. Bears like to frequent bogs, sections of woods with berries and other similiar areas, he said.

Placing the bait prior to the Aug. 26 season requires some experience with the animals.

"When we start baiting prior to the season, we have to keep a fine balance," he explained. "You have to feed the bears enough, but not too much."

One of the big things bear hunters need to do is use the right soaps and sprays to eliminate their natural odor.

"The bear's nose is 10 times better than a deer's," he said. "It's the number one defense for a bear because they don't have good sight."

Having served customers from as far away as Oregon and Texas, Bailey, who's been hunting since he was 16, said he keeps up the demanding guide's schedule in addition to another full-time job simply because he enjoys working .in the outdoors.

"It's tough to do both, but I do it because I like and I think that makes a big difference," he said. "I've had good results.... and I work hard at it. I know what to do and how to take care of it."

For more information, Bear-One Guide Service can be reached at 943-0954.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.