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Inland Fishers offers free fishing this weekend

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 7, February 12, 2003

AUGUSTA Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16, you can fish for free on waterways throughout the state of Maine. Any person, except those whose license has been revoked or suspended, may fish on February 15 and 16 without a license. All other ice fishing regulations apply. There also will be an open water Free Fishing Weekend June 14 and 15.

'These two days are a great way to get introduced to a lifetime hobby like ice fishing," said Peter Bourque, Director of Fisheries for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, "It's the start of February vacation for students, it's a holiday weekend, and there are ice fishing derbies and tournaments throughout
the state."

"Ice conditions have been great at least up until our recent heavy snows in the northern half of the state. You might want to check with your district game warden or regional fishery office to get travel conditions on lakes and ponds as the heavy snows have resulted in some slushy conditions on some waters."

"We want to encourage people to be outside, enjoying the outdoors during the winter, and ice fishing is a great family sport," said Bourque.

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