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Milo selectmen refute media reports of deorganization

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 10, March 05, 2003

MILO A majority of selectmen stated emphatically last week that the town of Milo is not looking at deorganization, despite media reports otherwise.

Selectman Roy Bither Jr., however, said that he has voiced interest in exploring the issue further given the increasing tax burden, and declining contributions from the state.

"I think all small towns should threaten to deorganize ... and press the state," Bither said. "We might get some state aid, then."

Amber Gahagan, selectman, said that she was bewildered when reports that Milo was considering deorganization, although the topic had never been addressed at a selectman's meeting.

Town Manager Jane Jones said that she had responded to inquiries from the media, saying that one member of the budget committee and one selectman voiced a desire to explore the option further.

Gahagan said she felt the media misrepresented the town's intentions. She said many residents had called her, concerned that the board of selectmen had taken some action toward deorganizing Milo.

"Tell them it's my fault," Bither said.

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