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Senator Paul Davis decries attempt to reroute Katahdin Trail

Article from The Eastern Gazette, Vol. 151, No. 10, March 08, 2003
Present Corridor from Newport to Brownville Preferrable

AUGUSTA - Maine Senate Republican Leader Paul Davis (R-Sangerville) is criticizing a plan by another state Senator to reroute the Katahdin Trail. The trail currently runs along routes 7 and 1 from Newport to Brownville and provides the towns along the way with some much-needed economic stimulus. Senator Stephen Stanley (D-Medway) has introduced legislation that would reroute the corridor along 1-95, cutting the towns served by the current routes out of the mix.

"The current route is not only a source of a little revenue for these towns, it is a source of pride for them as well," Senator Davis said. "This proposal aims to bypass our towns for the sake of his district. This is shortsighted and will not cure the economic ills of the Millinocket region. We are all in this together and must work to come up with real solutions that will help rural Maine, not simply just steal from Paul to pay Peter."

Town managers and municipal officials along the existing corridor have expressed anxiety over this proposal. Senator Davis plans to work to ensure that this proposal is defeated.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.