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Brownville may charge Lake View for car paperwork

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 22, May 28, 2003

By Jessica Lee
Staff Writer

BROWNVILLE If the Brownville Town Office is going to continue to register the vehicles of Lake View Plantation residents, there needs to be some just compensation. Selectmen last Thursday agreed that Brownville Town Manager Sophie Wilson should investigate with Lake View officials a fee schedule to offset Brownville's labor costs in registering vehicles for Lake View residents.

"I haven't pursued this with Lake View, but every time we've asked [for help in the past], they've come to the table and understood," Wilson said.

She proposed charging Lake View Plantation an annual fee of $3,000, to cover the costs of the town's labor when processing vehicle registrations.

Each time a Lake View resident comes to Brownville to register a vehicle, Wilson said, the time involved is about three times that a Brownville resident because the registration must be retyped each time. This is because Brownville is not listed as the plantation's "town of origin" with the state, and does not receive pre-printed versions.

Wilson said that the $4 received for each Lake View registration does not begin to cover the time involved. While the town is statutorily required to perform vehicle registrations for residents in the unorganized townships, Wilson said, as Lake View is a plantation, there is no legal obligation.

She said there has been an agreement previously to serve as overflow for Lake View residents to register vehicles in Brownville, when Lake View's tax collector Lyn Sherburne is not available. Milo plays a similar role. However, Wilson said that many new Lake View residents believe they, in fact, live in Brownville and simply come to the Brownville Town Office.

"We thought at first this would happen only once in a while, but many don't even try in Lake View," before heading straight to Brownville, Wilson said.

She said that the town must contact Lake View officials as soon as possible - before the community starts building its budget for the coming year.

Fred Trask, first assessor for Lake View, said Monday that townspeople would need to vote on such a matter at the annual town meeting, slated for early fall.

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