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Spring Antique appraisal Fair a success in Milo

Article from The Eastern Gazette, Vol. 151, No. 23, June 17, 2003

MILO On Saturday, May 31,2003, the air was full of excitement and anticipation as the Milo Historical Society hosted their Spring Antique Appraisal Fair. The fair, held at the Milo Town Hall Auditorium, was a first of its kind fund-raising event for the historical society and hopes were high that it would be a success. The results were not disappointing for all involved; from the society members to the volunteer appraisers to the public who attended, it was a day of enthusiasm and discovery. The Antique Appraisal Fair was held in collaboration with the Three Rivers Kiwanis, who hosted a light lunch available for sale to those attending. At 10 AM, with soft music playing in the background and a kaleidoscope of balloons decorating the hall, the doors opened to those waiting to find out not only the monetary value of their china, jewelry, and other family heirlooms; but also to possibly gain some further knowledge about the history their treasures. It is hoped and believed that few came away disappointed.

The Appraisal Fair came about as a result of the society's attempt to come up with a way to generate funds to assist with the on-going expenses of maintaining the society's museum. Past fund-raising efforts have included yard sales and direct solicitations to the public. Late last year, the society was stirred by a report from society members on their attendance at appraisal fairs held by other nonprofit organizations and the rest as they say is, well, history! Calls were made to area antique dealers to volunteer their time and expertise and all contacts resulted in an eager enthusiasm and willingness to participate.

The following dealers served as our very capable appraisers: Jim Bisognani, Milo; Bob Bobrowski, Wellington; Dianne and David Buck, Lincoln; Victoria Eastman, Milo; Russell Gray, Milo; David Griscom, Sebec; Bill Joyce, Milo; Kathryn Murphy, Wellington; David Perkins, Brownville; Donald Ricker, Bangor; Jamie Terrill, Dixmont; Virgil Valente, Milo; and Shirley Wright, Dover-Foxcroft. The society also wishes to thank the Town of Milo and Murel Harris for arranging to have the Town Hall/Auditorium available; to Phil Gerow for posting publicity; Neal Hamlin for providing his law office window for publicity, J and S Furniture for window publicity, and most especially, the public who attended the event and showed patience and understanding with the occasional goofs that were inevitable at such a first-time effort. Thanks go to the members of the T|aree Rivers Kiwanis for preparing and serving the delicious lunch. Mention should be made of the Milo Historical Society members involved with organizing and running the event; these include; Gwen Bradeen, Ricky Bradeen, Rose Carlson, Helen Carey, Lorraine Kealiher, Alien Monroe, Chris Monroe, Ralph Monroe, Meta Staples, Virgil Valente, Carroll Witham, and Kathryn Witham.

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