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SAD 41 special athletes take home awards

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 27, July 02, 2003

ORONO Eleven SAD 41 Special Olympians and their coaches recently spent the weekend of June 6-8 at the state Special Olympic games held at the University of Maine campus in Orono. While there, the athletes participated in bowling and numerous track and field events, bringing home 36 medals and 6 ribbons.

Below are the MSAD 41 athletes and their awards.

Eddie Lufkin: 400 Meter Relay- Ribbon, Softball Throw- Gold, 100 Meter Dash-Silver, 200 Meter Dash- Silver.

Derek Fleming: 25 Meter walk-Gold, Softball Throw- Gold.

Jason Brackett: 400 Meter Relay- Bronze,400 Meter Run- Silver, 800 Meter Run-Sillver, 200 Meter Dash- Gold.

Brandon Hoxie: 400 Meter relay-Bronze, 200 Meter Dash- Gold, 100 Meter Dash- Gold, Softball Throw-Bronze.

Jeremy Perry: 400 Meter Relay- Bronze, Running Long Jump -Gold, Softball Throw -Gold, 400 Meter Run - Silver.

Jamie Kleinkauf : 400 Meter Relay- Ribbon, Softball Throw- Gold, Running Long Jump - Silver, 400 Meter Rash- Bronze.

Raven Garland; 400 Meter Relay- Ribbon , 100 Meter Dash - Gold, 50 Meter Dash - Silver, Running Long Jump - Silver, Bowling - Gold.

Elizabeth Maclntire; 400 Meter Relay-Ribbon, Shot put - Gold, 100 Meter Dash Ribbon, Standing Long Jump- Ribbon, Bowling - Bronze.

Miranda Newbert:; 400 Meter Relay- Bronze, 50 Meter Dash- Silver,Shot put - Silver, 100 Meter Dash - Silver, 100 Meter Dash - Silver.

Crystal Mills ; Shot Put - Silver, Standing Long Jump - Gold, 100 Meter Walk - Gold.

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