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Children's BINGO popular in Brownville Jct.

Article from The Eastern Gazette, Vol. 151, No. 34, August 23, 2003

BROWNVILLE JCT. A recent rainy Saturday afternoon in Brownville Jet. found 48 of the area's children focused on their letters, numbers and shapes. The reason? No one wanted to miss the all important number that would result in BINGO. The anticipation was building as caller Jim Kinson relayed each number. Finally a small voice called out "Bingo" and they all relaxed until the next game began.

The Brownville Jct. American Legion Post #92 sponsored an afternoon of free Bingo for children aged 6 to 13 The children played 21 games including a Jackpot game. Prizes for the games were donated by area businesses.

The Legion would like to thank the following businesses for donating gift certificates and merchandise: Smith's Groceries and Lunch, Simple Sacks, AMB Video, Reuben's Market, Robinson's, Milo Exxon, Charlie's Car Wash,Graves Texaco, Salley's Auto, United Kingfield Bank, JD' Emporium, and BJ's Market. And thanks to the following businesses for cash donations: Bailey Lumber, Grant Auto Sales, Joe's Repair Shop, Maine Savings, K&L Auto, Trask Insurance Agency, S&L Auto, Three Rivers Redemption, and Jane Macomber. A special thanks to volunteer assistants Erica and Jessie Coburn and relief caller Pat Stone.

The list of winners: Jared Monahan-Milo Exxon certificate, Ann Newell- BJ's gift certificate & CD player, Trevor Lyford-2 Backpacks with supplies, Garrett McDougal-United Kingfield Bank & Reuben's Mkt., Tiffany Gagne-CD player & Border's Gift certificate, Ryan Robinson- Smith's gift certificate, Jade Zeikan- AMB 12 Pass & BJ's gift certificate, Shelisha dark- Border's gift certificate, Raelene Frank- Backpack with supplies, Chad Perkins-JD's Pizza certificate, Rochelle Hicks-Border's gift certificate & Duffle bag, Elsie Chambers-Smith's gift certificate, Michaela Weston- Milo Exxon certificate, Dale Gagne-Duffle bag, Leah Word-Robinson's , and the Jackpot winner was Taylor Lovejoy who won a Sony boombox with a CD player, cassette player and AM/FM radio provided by Bailey Lumber.

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