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Sebec Model Forest tour on Oct. 26

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 38, September 17, 2003

SEBEC The press and public are invited to visit Wicopy Woods in Sebec, which was recently designated as a Model Forest by the Forest Stewards Guild.

One of only four Model Forests in the Northeast, Wicopy Woods is owned and managed by consulting forester Ron Locke of Sebec, with the collaborative guidance of consulting forester Bill Mahan of Kenduskeag. Their approach provides a powerful example of outstanding forest management and thoughtful logging techniques.

The Forest Stewards Guild will host a tour of the property from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, September 26. Participants will see the outstanding result of Locke's lifelong commitment to excellent silviculture and leam about his unique vision for forest management in Maine. Questions are encouraged.

"For over 30 years on his own land, Ron Locke has been practicing what he preaches to others about forestry," said Barrie Brusila, national chair of the 500-member Forest Stewards Guild and a Maine Forestry Consultant. "He has taken an average Maine woodlot, studied it thoughtfully, harvested in carefully, and spent countless hours working on it and enjoying it."

The mission of the Forest Stewards Guild is to promote ecologically responsible management that sustains the entire forest, now and forever. The Guild provides a forum and support system for practicing foresters and other resource management professionals working to advance this vision.

The Guild's model Forests program highlights excellent forestry by demonstrating thoughtful, ecologically and economically responsible forest planning and management techniques. The public-service program is exclusively educational and has no commercial ties.

Wicopy Woods is home to a myriad of species, including pine, spruce, cedar, hemlock, tamarack, balsam fir, maple, birch, ash, beech, black cherry, red oak, hophornbeam, aspen, balsam poplar, elm, shrubs, wild flowers, a variety of apples, moss, lichen, and woody plants including wicopy, living in forest stands ranging in age from 25 to 120 years old. Management focuses on the production of high-value, large-diameter timber of diverse native species, while maintaining habitat, water quality, and the integrity and productivity of soils.

To reach Wicopy Woods, drive about 7 miles east from Dover-Foxcroft toward Milo on Routes 6 and 16. At the blinking light in Sebec Comer, turn left (north) on Village Road. After 0.8 miles, turn left on North Road. Travel 0.6 miles to Box 139. A sign will be posted. Snacks will be provided.

Maine's first Model Forest is the Scientific Forest Management Area in Baxter State Park. Located 60 miles northwest of Millinocket, Maine, the 29,854-acre SFMA includes almost 15 percent of Baxter State Park and has been managed as an exemplary forest in accordance with the trust deeds of former Gov. Percival Baxter, who donated land for the park to the people of Maine.

Locke and Mahan welcome tours of Wicopy Woods and specific questions about their management approach. To arrange a tour or to get more information, call Ron Locke at (207) 564-7600 or the Forest Stewards Guild at (207) 242-8845. To leam more about the Guild, visit our web site at

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