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Milo fireman hurt in Maryland crash

Article from Bangor Daily News, Wednesday, March 15, 2006

By Diana Bowley
Staff writer

MILO - Local firefighters learned Tuesday that one of their own was critically injured on Monday in a motorcycle accident in Salisbury, Md.

David Kruger, 33, who has been working as a foreman on an airport project for Sargent Corp. in Maryland, severed his spinal cord, suffered seven fractures to his spine and received a broken leg when he lost control of a motorcycle he had rented for the weekend.

Lori Brown, 32, of Milo said her fiance and some co-workers had taken a weekend trip to Virginia Beach on rented motorcycles. On Monday, Kruger left work to return the motorcycle when the accident occurred. She said Maryland State Police and Kruger's boss told her that Kruger struck a dip in the road and lost control of the motorcycle.

Kruger was taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore where he is in critical condition. Brown, who is leaving for Maryland on Thursday, said Kruger planned to have surgery on Tuesday to fuse his back together. She said she was told Kruger will never walk again because of his spinal cord injury.

"He's a nice kid," Murrel Harris, Milo Fire Department's dispatcher, said Tuesday, of Kruger. Kruger has served on the fire department for two years.

Brown, who came to the Milo town hall on Tuesday to donate coats for the Metilly family of Milo whose home was destroyed by fire, tearfully said Kruger had planned to return home on March 24. She said she made a donation of coats for the family because Kruger would have wanted to help if he were home. Brown said she and Kruger were working to purchase a house on Park Street and had postponed wedding plans in order to do that.

Milo firefighters plan to help their co-worker with his financial needs and have started a fund in Kruger's name at Maine Savings Credit Union on Park Street in Milo.

"I'm amazed about the community. They're so willing to provide their support whether it's a hug or just some words or their prayers," Brown said.

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