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Piscataquis towns see values rise

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 41, October 08, 2003

By Jessica Lee
Staff Writer

Smaller towns see highest rates of growth

The state valuation for Piscataquis County's municipalities are expected to climb $60 million for 2004. According to the state's figures - released last week, the total valuation of Piscataquis County, not including the unorganized territories, is $942.5 million - rising nearly 7 percent from last year's $882.5 million.

Dover-Foxcroft is leading the county in value at $175.9 million, increasing 4 percent from last year's $169.2 million, followed by Greenville's $154.3 million, a rise of 6.7 percent from $144.65 million.

Guilford is third in value at $104.8 million, moving up 6.4 percent from last year's $98.5 million.

The towns with the fastest growing valuations have a high percentage of waterfront/recreational properties and new development, including Lake View Plantation, Willimantic, Beaver Cove and Bowerbank. Lake View Plantation saw the biggest jump, rising 19 percent from $36.75 million to $43.7 million. Willimantic's valuation trailed that with an 18.6 percent increase, rising from $24.65 million to $31.2 million. Beaver
Cove rose 13.2 percent from $32.85 million to $37.2 million. Bowerbank increased 12.1 percent from $29.85 million to $36.6 million.

The slowest growing valuations were seen in Medford, Wellington and Sangerville. Medford's valuation dropped .4 percent from 11.25 million to 11.2 million, Wellington grew .4 percent from 12.4 million to 12.45 million, and Sangerville's valuation increased .8 percent from $51.1 million to $51.5 million.

Other valuations are as follows:

Abbot, $40.85 million (up 6 percent from $38.55 million);

Atkinson, $14.95 million (up 3.8 percent from $14.4 million);

Brownville, $35 million (up 3.7 percent from $33.75 million);

Kingsbury Plantation, $7.5 million (up 9.5 percent from $6.85

Milo, $62.15 million (up 5.9 percent from $58.7 million);

Monson, $41.45 million (up 8.5 percent from $38.2 million);

Parkman, $29.95 million (up 5.5 percent from $28.4 million),

Shirley, $15.9 million (up 7.8 percent from $14.75 million).

The state valuations are used to determine the county tax for each municipality, along with state's distribution of municipal revenue sharing monies.

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