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Milo Elementary honors veterans with assembly

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 46, November 12, 2003

MILO Milo Elementary school honored the area veterans and their family members at their Friday assembly on Nov. 7, 2003. This is the fourth year that the school has invited all veterans and service personnel as guests at their assembly.

Forty veterans and numerous family members attended the assembly, Each class had prepared something to perform in honor of Veterans' Day. The gym was decorated with an honor roll of veterans. Students and families were asked to send in names of family members and their branch of the service. The assembly opened with the flag salute and the national anthem. The kindergarten and first-grade children were
dressed in red, white and blue tricom hats and they sang "Red, White and Blue" and "Grand Old Flag."

The fifth-grade students wrote and performed a poem. Their poem had several wonderful descriptors of veterans.

Students in the third, fourth and fifth grades wrote essays about "What Veterans Day Means to Me." Four of these essays were read at the assembly. Kineo Wallace, Ashley Schaffer, Camille Cramer and Sadie Zambrano read their essays. Grade four did a musical number that included a ribbon performance. They sang "Stars and Stripes" medley and "Let's Not Take Freedom for Granted."

The second grade sang a World War II song, "Gee, Mom I Want to Go Home." Several of the veterans were seen laughing as coffee and pay in the Army were described in the song. The third grade recited a poem: "Veteran's Day" by Kate Englehardt Clark.

Senator Paul Davis, himself a veteran, brought greetings to the community. The Notables, a.k.a staff members at Milo Elementary, sang and then led the group in "God Bless the USA." The staff and students had selected a tree to be planted on the school grounds in honor of our area veterans. Mr.Jack Eastman made the presentation of an evergreen tree "to grow and stand as a reminder of the selfless sacrifice of the military personnel of our area."

Ricky Bradeen, one of the fifth grade students, introduced a special guest that he had invited to the assembly. Mr. Bill Knight, chief of the troop greeters at Bangor international Airport. Ricky spoke of Mr. Knight's service record and the fact that he had received a Jefferson Award. Ricky had made his acquaintance during the troop greetings that Ricky and his family attend on a regular basis. Ricky also had made arrangements through the Maine Secretary of State to have copies of the book "Maine Remembers" for each of the veterans present at the assembly. This book is a collection of very touching memories of Maine servicemen and women.

The assembly closed with the entire group singing "God Bless America." The school was thrilled to have such a wonderful turnout at the assembly. The staff and children look forward each year to the opportunity to honor the members of our community who have made our freedoms and way of life possible.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.