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Mother reflects on Adoption Awareness Month

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 165, No. 47, November 19, 2003
'It is not an easy job, but it can bring with it much joy.'

To the editor:

As November (Adoption Awareness Month) approaches, I reflect on the reasons I became a foster parent and an adoptive parent. I also reflect upon the joys and blessings of adopting my son and continuing to work with children as a foster parent.

It takes a great deal of commitment, dedication and time. It is not an easy job but it can bring with it much joy.

Unlike a person raising their own child, adoptive/foster parents have a tougher job because the child they are raising comes with excess baggage and has a tougher time with life's challenges.

My inspiration to become involved came from a foster child. He told me that I would make a great foster mother and encouraged me to get my home licensed. He even assisted in the work I needed to do to my home in preparation for becoming a foster parent. I figured there couldn't be a better reason to make that commitment than his words to me.

When making that decision to become a foster parent, I intended on helping children become reunified with their families, or move on to adoption. I did not plan to become an adoptive parent. When my son moved in at such a young age, he stole my heart. When he was freed for adoption, I couldn't imagine letting him go.
I made that next commitment and put in to adopt him.

Life has not been easy. It has stress, as I knew it would, but my son is worth all that I have gone through. I have accepted him for who he is. I am there for him as he struggles every day because of the lifelong affects of the abuse he sustained in his early life. Together we work to overcome each day's obstacles so he can feel good about himself and his achievements.

Speaking from experience, I know it takes a special person to have the courage and commitment to adopt a child and work at making their future brighter and happier.

Beverly E. Wright

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.