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Orneville woman cleaning up hazardous lot

Article from Bangor Daily News, Wednesday, September 22, 2004

By Diana Bowley
of the NEWS Staff

DOVER-FOXCROFT - An Orneville woman told Piscataquis County commissioners Tuesday that she had done everything she could to comply with their demand for the cleanup of her property.Lydia Kouslouski gave commissioners an update of the progress she had made, hoping to stave off court proceedings against her.
The commissioners last month ordered Kouslouski to clean up her property, which is peppered with junked vehicles, piles of lumber and other debris. When it appeared that little progress was being made to improve the property, the commissioners voted to pursue the matter in court.
"I've done everything that's been asked of me," Kouslouski said Tuesday.

She said four registered and a similar number of unregistered vehicles still remain on the property, however, as does a pile of lumber that she plans to use for a new home.

Kouslouski said she has had two fires at her home; one was an electrical fire and occurred while she was caring for a dying man in the hospital. The second she believes was arson, although she said she could not persuade authorities to investigate it.

The condition of the house when Milo firefighters arrived at the most recent fire raised concern. Firefighters had to maneuver around debris inside the house that included several discarded propane tanks and debris outside the mobile home that included burned materials from the previous fire and junked vehicles.

Because of the dangers involved, Milo officials told county commissioners that the Milo Fire Department would no longer respond to fires at that location.

That prompted commissioners to move toward a resolution.

Commissioners agreed to do an inspection of Kouslouski's property before any further action is taken.

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