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Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 166, No. 42, October 20, 2004

Don't drive a wedge between neighbors

I am a long-time member of the Atkinson board of selectmen. I have, over the years, seen our property taxes increase and our services go down. To combat the constantly rising property taxes in a town with no services to speak of, the town asked our legislative delegation to seek state approval for the town to deorganize.

Sen. Paul Davis and Rep. Jim Annis put in legislation to allow a vote by the townspeople. The bill passed the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. King without any problem. The people of Atkinson decided by very few votes not to deorganize. Because of the closeness of the vote, the town asked Rep. Annis and Sen. Davis once again to seek state approval to allow another vote for deorganization.

This time around there was nothing but problems, as it seemed that Atkinson was everyone's concern.

The bill eventually failed in the legislature.

Almost at the time of its failure, Steve Stanley set out a survey to find out how the nennie in Miln and Brownville felt about Atkinson leaving the SAD 41 school district. He wrote in his surveys that it would cost the towns of Brownville and Milo over $300,000. That seemed like a clumsy way to imply that Sen.

Davis was trying to raise the property tax in Milo and Brownville. Stanley's attempt at political grandstanding was flawed from start to finish. Sen. Davis worked with the people of Atkinson and with representatives from Milo, Brownville and SAD 41. I appreciate the efforts of Sen. Davis and Rep. Annis as they gave the citizens of Atkinson the opportunity to make our own choices without adversely affecting surrounding communities. I am pleased that Sen. Davis was concerned with cooperation and assistance between our communities.

I urge my fellow citizens to ignore the efforts that divide us and seek to put a wedge between neighbors for political purposes. Join me in voting for Sen. Paul Davis.

David R. Kinney
Selectman, Atkinson

Davis is committed to Piscataquis region

Paul T. Davis of Sangerville has been a great Senator for the people of Piscataquis County and deserves to be re-elected. I recently gave the Senator a few hours of my time on a Saturday to help him put up some campaign signs in the Milo-Brownville area. A number of people, both Democrat and Republican approached Paul to thank him for something he did for them. Whether it was making a personal call, introducing a bill or just taking the time to talk with them directly and personally about their issue, they obviously were grateful that Paul was there for them. I was impressed with his ability to connect with these people and be a responsive state senator.

And another thins. Stenhen Stanley his Democratic opponent, it a fine man, but I am not so sure he is as responsive to the people of Piscataquis County as is Paul. Last year he introduced a bill to re-route the Mount Kathadin Trail from Rt. 11 in Milo and Brownville to 1-95 in Medway. With all that is happening in the KI (Kathadin Iron Works) Region with the recent purchase of land by the Appalachian Mountain Club, the timing could not be worse.

Changing this historic 1957 highway designation to re-route tourist traffic away from Piscataquis County would certainly have hurt area businesses along Rt.ll in our community. Please vote for Paul.

Joe Zamboni

Support Paul Davis for state senate

I am writing in support of re-electing Paul Davis for state senator. Paul has shown strong support for the important economic issues that affect our area of the state. When Paul says he supports something, I can expect that his vote will reflect what he says.

Paul Davis' opponent is Stephen Stanley. For many years, Stephen Stanley was the state representative for my hometown. I can tell you from experience that Stephen Stanley's words claiming to support important economic issues do not match his voting record in Augusta. Don't take my word for it, go to the Maine Economic Research Institute (MERI) Web site and see for yourself Stanley voted only 34 perceni of the time to support important economic issues. Paul Davis voted 93 percent of the time to support fixing Maine's economy.

Furthermore, Stephen Stanley failed to use his position as chair of the State Taxation Committee to pass important property tax reform legislation prior to the Palesky Property Tax Referendum vote. His failure to take a leadership role in property tax reform -could be devastating to the small communities of Piscataquis and northern Penobscot counties should the Palesky Referendum pass. I have witnessed Stanley's actions in Augusta and ask voters to prevent this from happening again.

Please support Paul Davis for State Senate on Nov. 2.

Lynn Ricker

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.