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Lakeview annual meeting is Thursday

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Vol. 166, No. 44, November 03, 2004

By Jessica Lee
Staff Writer

LAKEVIEW PLANTATION Residents of Lakeview Plantation will vote at annual town meeting Thursday on whether to spend money to improve Knight's Landing in Brownville and to consider funding its own planning.

The warrant also includes the election of assessors, plantation clerk, tax collector, fire ward and one school board member, along with the allocation of funds to run the plantation.

According to First Assessor Fred Trask, residents will be asked to see what money, if any, they would be willing to raise to improve the boat ramp and install a seasonal dock at Knight's Landing in Brownville, as well as possibly upgrading the parking lot.

He said recommendations on the cost of such a project would be made at town meeting. "We want to see how we can work with Brownville" on making these improvements to Knight's Landing, said Trask.

The Lakeview Board of Assessors had met with the Brownville Selectmen in August about possibly selling the landing to Lakeview, in order to make improvements to the property.

Trask said that Brownville did not express an interest in selling the property. "We want to see if [Lakeview residents] are interested in investing in the property" said Trask, although the property will remain in Brownville's tax books.

Knight's Landing serves many Lakeview and Brownville residents on the west side of Schoodic Lake.

Also on the warrant, residents will vote on whether to provide their own land use planning, as opposed to falling under the jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission.

Trask said the plantation would be asked to pay LURC a $4,300 fee in 2005, plus any applicants looking to build would pay another fee based on the extent of the construction.

He said the town had last considered nixing its relationship with LURC in 1990, but at that time "the people of LURC questioned why we were doing that." He said residents at the time decided not to go with its own planning because of concerns that there weren't enough people to serve on the necessary planning and appeals boards without creating a conflict of interest.

"By the time you get a planning board and board of assessors ... they couldn't be related because of conflicts of interest, so we opted out," Trask said.

He alleges that LURC has been inconsistent in handling permits recently, and residents believe that the plantation would be best served on its own. "We'd set up a planning board, hire a code enforcement officer, a plumbing inspector, and see if we can go on our own with building permits," he said.

The rest of the 35-article warrant deals with the routine funding of government. "We have to plow the roads, pay for education and street lights. It's the same old stuff, but we have to decide what to spend," Trask said.

The Lakeview Plantation annual town meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4, at the Brownville Elementary School in Brownville.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.