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Sebec finalizes plowing contract

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Wednesday, August 23, 2006

By Stuart Hedstrom
Staff Writer

SEBEC Selectmen finalized a contract for winter road maintenance during a bi-monthly meeting on August 21. During the annual town meeting on August 7, residents approved $102,000 for winter roads with much of this cost for plowing and sanding and salt.

The town put the plowing work out for bid, and Ames Construction won the job after being the only company to submit a bid to maintain the town's 25 miles of roads. As stated in the contract, Ames Construction will provide an estimated 2,500 yards of sand and mix this sand with salt that is paid for by Sebec.
The contract for Ames Construction was printed at the meeting, and now simply needs a signature from company owner Douglas Ames to become valid.

In other business, selectmen filled vacancies on several town boards. Missy Small, whose term on the Sebec Planning Board expired in 2006, was approved to remain on the board until 2011. Selectmen also appointed Bill Welsh to the Municipal Appeals Board, where he will serve a three year term until 2009.

The board of appeals, which has three members, serves as an option for individuals who disagree with decisions made by the planning board, such as the location of installing septic systems or the distance of construction from the water. Selectmen said the Municipal Appeals Board only meets as needed, and has probably met only twice in the past year.

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