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Stolen materials dash Milo family's hopes

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Wednesday, August 23, 2006

By Stuart Hedstrom
Staff Writer

To the editor:

Our family consists of a mother and father with three children, ages 9, 7 and 4. On March 25, 2006, I (the mother) arrived home with my three children after an early morning outing to the Bangor YMCA Fair. Upon awMBfTmycTuldreWaMTT Were floored by the sight that unraveled before our eyes. A fire, which had totally gutted our home and taken with it everything we owned, had just been extinguished by the Corinna and Dexter fire departments.

Devastated by the loss of our belongings, yet somehow comforted by not only our safety, but also, the safety of our family dog "Kipper" and by the blessings we felt by the community, we drudged forward. We moved into a small camp that we proceeded to run by generator (when needed) and we began to lug water to and from camp for housing uses. Finally in mid-May when the weather allowed and all the insurance mumbo jumbo was done, we took out a loan to begin to build a new home for our family. With the help of our most dedicated family members we worked day in and day out until we finally got to our roof. With the excitement that winter is arriving and all of us knowing full well that we need to get our roof finished so that we can get our electricity and insulation in and our heating system done before snow falls, we all diligently worked. We ordered and had delivered 72 sheets of three-quarter-inch plywood and all the 2 by 6s we would need to close in our gable ends. We had just enough of what we needed to get us to where we needed to be for the winter.

Then ... unbeknownst to us, on the night of August 12th while we and our three children lay sleeping in a camp just down the road, some people came along and thought only of themselves ! They helped themselves to all that we had. Piled next to our unfinished home was our roof. They walked away with all we had to finish our roof and loft floor with. They walked away with our hopes to be warm with a roof over our heads this winter. They walked away with the hearts of my three children and they demolished any faith my children had in the honesty of people. These people who were cold enough to think only of themselves should take a long look into my children's eyes and see what they have taken !

All five of us now live in a 15-foot camper lent to us by a family member so that we may keep an eye on our land and our belongings to be sure that nothing else walks. I'm writing this in hopes to enlighten others in this area, that there is a thief on the loose, so that they may protect their items. I also want to send a message out to the people who stole my family's roof — I want them to know that we hope the snow doesn't fall on their heads this winter like it will on ours !

The Richard family - Moses, Shelia, Tyler, Lexi, Kadence and Kipper

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