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The Station Market celebrates 10 years of quality food products

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Wednesday, August 16, 2006

By Stuart Hedstrom
Staff writer

BROWNVILLE JCT With a full service grocery store, including a wide selection of meats owner Chuck Pribus calls the "pride and joy" of the store, the Station Market is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

The Station Market is marking this milestone with summer sales, such as "truckload meat sales" with discounts and free cutting and wrapping on certain varieties of meat, and a continuation of providing a relaxed feel to the store.

Pribus and his staff know many of their customers by name and have created an atmosphere that differentiates The Station Market from chain grocery stores as a small town market, such as having a rooster statue on top of the meat case.

Pribus moved to the area a decade ago May 1996, from New York state where he owned a graphic arts studio in Manhattan. Pribus said that he and his children would come up to Howland to go fishing, and he "liked the area and decided to make it my home."

"Meat is the biggest draw," said Pribus as he prepared an order of two pounds of ground round beef for a customer he greeted by name behind the store's full-service meat case. Pribus said larger stores sell prepackaged meat, whereas meat at The Station Market will be prepared and wrapped right in front of a patron's eye. Pribus said customers like to see the meat prepared so "they can know its freshness and quality, and can see there is no brown meat."

Another service The Station Market provides is preparing large meat orders for customers who call ahead. A store flyer advertises items such as three pounds of boneless chuck roast, six pounds of chicken drumsticks and three pounds of boneless pork ribs as some of the meats that can be preordered with advance notice.

Pribus said this option of pre-ordering is popular with visitors who come to the area and "when they want it, they can come pick it up." He also said these meats
are "good for freezers and people camping out."

Customers who come into the store can choose from a variety of meats, cheeses and other items from the full-service meat case that will be prepared for them. Among the items available from the case are sirloin tips, pork cutlets and several varieties of side dishes, such as homemade macaroni salad and egg salad.

At the meat case a rooster statue sits on top near the wood-panel wall, and Pribus said this helps to give The Station Market a "homey" look. He explained this look, which also includes a rabbit statue and a stuffed animal black bear near the front door, as a way to help set the store apart from other grocery stores that have a more bland monotonous interior.

Pribus and his staff of five employees work to set The Station Market apart from the competition by providing personal customer service such as knowing many by name and chatting with them. This service helps create a family-style atmosphere, which is evident when Pribus' three children work at -the store when they are visiting home. He said his daughters Maggie, who is studying nursing in the U.S. Army; Abigail, who works as a landscape architect in Connecticut; and son Carl, a plumber in Portland, all work at The Station Market. "We're a real close family," Pribus said, adding that he and Carl both work behind the counter cutting meat.

In addition to the full-service meat counter, The Station Market also has an adjacent self-service meat case. This area offers items such as hot dogs and chicken, a feature Pribus said the store did not have before he became owner.
This case is located next to the dairy case, which is full of milk, eggs, cheese and "fresh deli subs."

The Station Market has six aisles full of grocery items ranging from produce and frozen foods to cleaning supplies and pet food. Pribus said produce comes in on Mondays and Thursdays, and sheets in the section identify the countries where particular fruits and vegetables are grown cherries from Chile and cucumbers from Mexico.

Other items for sale include magazines and greeting cards, charcoal and fire wood and Blue Rhino brand propane.

The Station Market is an agency liquor store, selling beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.

On weekends customers can order freshly made pizzas, which they can eat while watching a movie rented from the store.

Pribus is looking ahead and starting up a bakery at The Station Market which now serves fresh bread and pies.

He also said he is in the process of establishing a Web site,, where customers can pre-order meat. Pribus said he hopes to have this service up and running by next year.

The Station Market is located at 68 Railroad Ave. in Brownville Jet in front of the railroad tracks, and is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information please call 965-2361.

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