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Selectmen review bids for fire station

Article from The Piscataquis Observer, Wednesday, August 16, 2006

By Stuart Hedstrom
Staff Writer

BOWERBANK Selectmen discussed bids for tile and a generator for the town fire station during a bi-monthly meeting on August 14. The board made a motion "to approve the best bid" for the tile and is still looking at several bids for a generator.

Selectmen are looking at a commercial grade of tile for the fire station, which would last for 30 to 40 years, and has received several bids so far.

At the town's annual meeting in June, residents approved raising and expending a sum of $3,000 to finish the meeting room, kitchen and bathrooms in the fire station which is where money for the tile would come from.

At the annual meeting Bowerbank citizens also voted to appropriate and expend $12,500= to install a 15 kVA generator for the fire station, and selectmen' are currently looking at bids for this equipment. They are seeking a power supply that can run in the cold weather that will enable, the fire station to be an emergency shelter. Selectmen hope to have a model "in before the snow flies," said selectman Jim Gustafson.

The current generator at the fire station provides less power than the 15 kVA model, which would enable the fire station to be "a first-class emergency shelter for the county," said Gustafson. "You can flush the toilet and make a cup of coffee at the same time," added selectman Kerry Israels about the generator Bowerbank is accepting bids on.

In the event of an extended power outage, with the new generator in place, the Red Cross would come in and be in charge of supplies for the emergency shelter. The sole responsibility of Bowerbank would be to provide electricity from the generator

In other business Gustafson informed the board that Bowerbank is still waiting on money from the state for tree growth reimbursement, money the state reimburses the towns for the loss of potential tax revenue with land set aside to remain as undeveloped forests. The town was scheduled to get approximately $13,000 by July for its 2006 tree growth reimbursement payment, a sum the state would pay after the end of the fiscal year in order to balance the budget.

A county hazard mitigation plan and national incident management system (NIMS) were each approved by the selectmen.

The mitigation plan is "a living document that we can change as needed," said Gustafson, and NIMS is required in order for towns to receive funding from Homeland Security.

Selectmen also received a copy of the state's new guidelines for shoreland zoning, which the town approved at the town meeting. The copy of the guidelines will be available at the town annex.

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