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Street Name Changes in Milo

August 01, 2001 - MILO

Due to the coming of the 911 System, many streets in Milo had to be renamed. 911 also does away with all Rural Routes, and gives everyone a physical street addess. Many streets have also been added. For example, all the loops in the trailer parks have been given names.


E911 Street Map of Milo

B & A Avenue

Formerly B Street / Main Street in Derby

Chase Hill StreetFormerly Church Street in Milo
Dusty LaneOld Dump Road
Garden WayBehind buildings on Main Street
Harmon StreetFormerly d'Este Street
Joe Raymond RoadFormerly Medford Road (Paddy Hill Road)
Morrill StreetFormerly First Street in Milo
Oak StreetFormerly Highland Road
Sargent Hill DriveFormerly CD Center Road
Sebec CourtFormerly Riverside Court

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