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Milo : Open House at Hospitality Hair and Nails

August 26, 2009 - TRC

Open House at Hospitality Hair and Nails on Saturday, August 29 !!!
"Hometown proud" and "making it happen" describe very well the new occupants of the former Three Rivers Health Center / Milo Hospital building at 45 West Main Street in Milo. Established Milo businesswomen have collaborated to grow their businesses bigger and better at their new location. Hammers, saws, wrecking bars and building materials have been applied along with plenty of paint and other finishing touches. The result is a spacious, inviting, salon where cosmetology will work its magic for the customer and tanning can help maintain that summer look year round. It is always a source of personal and community pride when people work towards, and achieve, their goals as these women are doing.

Now it's time to celebrate !

Hospitality Hair and Nails owners Tammy Vail and Patty Estes invite you to their Open House celebration on Saturday, August 29, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The new sign makes them easy to find and the parking available right off Hospital Street has plenty of space for visitors and patrons.

Stop in and check out the changes that have been made to the old hospital building. You will be as pleasantly surprised by the new look inside as by the handsome signage on the outside.

While you are there visit with Patty and Tammy, sign-up for the drawing, and enjoy a tour of the new salon and light refreshments.

Do come by the Open House and join the celebration of Hospitality Hair and Nails.

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