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Milo seeks $180,000 for greenhouse project.

August 15, 2009 - TRC - By Izzy

The flag pole and the Ox-Yoke building on West Main Street in Milo wait in anticipation of new development.

Milo, here we grow again !

An investment of $600,000.00 is a sizable investment in any community. That looks to be the price tag for turning Ox-Yoke Originals into Ox-Yoke Farms. The project would build eight greenhouses on the existing foundations of the former American Thread drying sheds that stretch behind the main building on West Main Street in Milo. The plan is to raise produce for the wholesale market leaving the current retail greenhouses to continue to market to the general public. The former American Thread/Ox-Yoke manufacturing building will be office and shipping space. After construction the project is expected to employ four to six full time workers, eventually providing jobs for eight to ten full timers.

The man with the vision is Brian Grosse of Massachusetts, who purchased the property when it was sold at auction some time ago. He has been working with Executive Director, Thomas Kittredge, of the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council and the Town of Milo in moving ahead with his development plan.

The Town of Milo will know in December whether the Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $180,000.00 for which it has applied will be awarded. Dr. Ken Woodbury is the primary grant writer for PCEDC. In addition to the grant $300,000.00 in cash, a loan totaling $100,000.00 and participation in USDA programs targeting and rewarding energy efficiency will meet the amount of funding required for the project.

Information for this Local News item is taken from The Piscataquis Observer (August 12, 2009) article “Milo applying for $180,000 to aid greenhouse development” by Stuart Hedstrom, Staff Writer.

More details are included in the published article.

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