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My stop at Hospitality Hair and Nails

August 12, 2009 - TRC - By Judy Morrison

Hospitality Hair and Nails...the building is getting beautified too !

I just got a super haircut from Patty at the new SALON location on Outer West Main Street in Milo. My point is------When you stand on Main Street now & look toward Upper West Main Street, you can see a bright beacon where the Community Hospital/Dr. Arnoldís practice once stood. Patty & Tammy are opened for business at their new location. Hobnobbers isnít far behind.

I was excited to have a chance to tour the remodeled facility. A few months ago, when the project began, I would never have imagined that this historic, old building could ever be as wonderful as it is and is becoming. Patty, Tammy and Val had the vision though! Thank God for that and for these remarkable business women. Through patience and fortitude, these ladies have endured amazing bureaucratic BS. They have persisted. They have won. They have made all of us winners. I applaud them. Milo is a friendly Town but Maine, it seems, is not a friendly State to do business in.

If you havenít stopped by yet to see the new venture, please do yourself a favor and GO! You will be amazed at the transformations.

The customer service is beyond exceptional. What else would we expect from these three citizens who have build their reputations on honesty, integrity and community involvement.

Patty, Tammy, Val---I wish you the very best. I wish you LOVE.

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