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D-F : Spa and Stretch

August 05, 2009 - TRC - By Sandra Crockett

Hibbard Main Street West residents exercise their smiles after their Spa and Stretch activities.

Cindy Herbest, long time group exercise instructor at the PR YMCA, spent some time recently with a group of women at Hibbard Main Street West Assisted Living.

The ladies were treated to a special Mary Kay Pampering Treatment, by Mrs. Herbest followed by some arm, wrist and hand exercises. “Arthritis is not foreign to any of these women”, explains Herbest, “they tend to experience tightness and stiffness in their finger joints when spending long periods of time on the computer, or doing needlework or knitting”. Stretching helps prevent injury and simply makes us feel better reminds Cindy.

Valerie Small, Activities Assistant at Main Street West said the residents thoroughly enjoyed their Spa and Stretch.

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