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Account of the 40th Reunion of the PVHS Class of ‘69

August 04, 2009 - TRC - By Dan Peters

The Penquis Valley High School Class of 1969’s 40th reunion was held on Saturday, August 1, at Wildwood's Restaurant near Knights Landing on Schoodic Lake. The event has been widely remembered as the best ever! In attendance were 30 classmates (give or take two) of the 68 graduates of that hot Friday the 13th of June back in 1969. Many spouses added their voices, smiles, and shared laughter to the happy scene. Classmates absent for 40 years graced the happy setting on this warm sunny afternoon. They came from as far away as West Virginia - with Deb Blue cruising in her hot convertible sports car, her long blonde tresses catching the New England breeze. Fun-loving Cherie from western Maryland and Brenda and Tim Buchanan from upstate New York added to the friendly atmosphere. Russ Carey's creative displays of our high school graduation portraits and newspaper clippings, with Cherie's fantastic scrapbook of all things Milo High and Penquis Valley High schools, aided our memories of those "good ole days."

Yes, Linda, quizzes can be fun! Russ, a longtime educator at PVHS, administered a quiz of the popular culture of the Sixties. The contest between "boys" and "girls" proved inconclusive as, at the final buzzer, the score was tied. The “girls” argued that questions posed of the "boys" were too simple. However, who but Danny could recall the titles of certain banned novels of those raucous years? At "recess," the class gathered around one end of the pond at Wildwood's for a group photo. A few of the class's bathing beauties cooled their bare feet in the pond while others balanced on rocks at water's edge and still others bemoaned the absence of fishing rods. Eventually a proper image of the joyous gathering was captured.

The class adjourned to Don and Chris Martin's very comfortable home on Schoodic Lake where unabated pleasantries continued, with stories, rumors, revelations, admissions, denials, and accompanying laughter and shrieks flying fast and furiously. Wayne Nason's healthy sense of humor has not dissipated a bit in 40 years; his recreation of a certain dance left us all in stitches! Wayne gladly provided a cooling boat ride around the southern end of the lake. All survived the Comedy Cruise to later gather, as the sun faded, around Don's fire pit to consume an interesting concoction of marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate... evidence of Yankee ingenuity surviving in Stephanie, Marcia, and Vikki! Popular tunes of the Sixties emitted from a boom box. Not until darkness solidly possessed the deep Maine woods were hugs and strong handshakes widely shared as, sadly, classmates departed 1969 to reenter the present time. It'll take me a few days to reacclimatize to the realities of 2009!

The organizing committee is heartily congratulated for a job well done. A great time was enjoyed by all! Ten years would be far too long for this healthy group to wait for the next class reunion. Among the Sixty-Niners, there's widespread clamoring for a 45th reunion in 2014.

Peace, Happiness, and Blessings to all!

Danny Peters, PVHS '69

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.