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2002 Senior Class Play

April 01, 2002 - MILO

The Class of 2002, under the direction of Mrs. Ellen Kirby, entertained the public on Friday and Saturday evenings with their very funny rendition of, “Follow That Rabbit.”

The roles were superbly performed by; Candice Ekholm-Alice, Brooke Hamlin-the White Rabbit, Peter Bissell-the Mock Turtle, Lindsay Hamlin-Lory, Shannon Wentworth-the Red Queen, Terry Joyce-Soldier One, Brandon Hoxie-Knave Of Hearts, Anders Hamlin-Soldier Two, Lacey Russell-Queen Of Hearts, Chad Gerrish-King Of Hearts, Ryan Stanchfield-Caterpillar, Leslie Chase-Duchess, Megan Russell-Cook, Ryan Stanchfield-Tweedledee, Adam Foran-Tweedledum, Peter Bissell-Mad Hatter, Kristen Farrar-March Hare, Elizabeth Laverty-Dormouse, Kimberly Zimmerman-Rose, AJ Gahagan-Flower 1, Eve Byrne-Flower 2, April Allen-White Queen, Peter Bissell-Knight, Megan Russell-Humpty Dumpty, Eve Byrne-Alice’s Sister, Paul Kusnierz-Dodo, and Chet Gillis as the Cheshire Cat.

The senior class would like to thank the following for their help in making this production memorable:

The Dragon’s Den Costume Shop, in Corrina, for costumes and accessories.

Lacey Russell and the generosity of Mr. Sean Wasson for the posters, tickets, and programs.

Mr. Justin Kelleher and the Speech and Drama class for the backdrops and props.

Mrs. Sheila Bissell for the Mad Hatter, the Mock Turtle, and Rose’s costumes.

Mr. Edwin Treworgy and the Three River’s Kiwanis for the beautiful stage, lights, and sound system.

The Cast of "Follow that Rabbit"

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