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The Future of Journalism

May 06, 2009 - TRC

The University of Maine Department of Communication and Journalism will host a series of focus groups to find out what Milo citizens think about the future of journalism.

You are invited to participate in a discussion of newspapers, television, radio and Internet news. Where do you get your news ? Is it the kind of coverage you need to know what is happening in your town ? Each group will last one hour and will be made up of 8-12 participants. Everyone is invited to join in the discussion and shape the future of news coverage for rural Maine communities.

3 pm - Seniors (55+)
4 pm - Town Leaders
5 pm - Teachers/Librarians/School board members/Principals, etc.
6 pm - General Citizens

If you would like to participate, please RSVP to Dr. Sunny Skye Hughes at sunny.hughes@umit.maine.edu or at (207) 907-2052. Please provide your name and indicate which time you will be attending. All groups will be held at the Milo Town Hall.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.