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Milo Veterans Monument Plans

May 04, 2009 - TRC

Memorial Day 2009 will be here on May 25th. Itís a day for remembering our dear departed, many of whom are Miloís veterans.

As many folks are aware local resident and veteran, Ronald Knowles, is working to place a Veteranís Memorial in a place of prominence in Milo. Our veterans have earned this recognition and deserve it for their service to us all.

The American Jamborees held the last Saturday evening most months have been one way in which funding is slowly being gathered for a memorial. In due time the cost will be met.

Meanwhile Ronny is asking for some input - any input - to guide the development of a monument honoring Miloís veterans. Students at Penquis Valley High School have made the current design and it looks good. The current favorite version is pictured. This is not necessarily the final design. Ronny would like to hear peopleís thoughts and ideas about a memorialís design and itís location.

The place most often suggested is the lot on the corner of Elm and Main Streets that we hope the DOT will eventually turn over to the Town of Milo. The corner has been dug up in the not too distant past and not necessarily settled into what will be itís final state. There is concern that the corner settling in the future may disrupt a memorial there - especially if it is heavy which it most likely will be. The corner seems like a perfect place for a monument. Ronny could use some advice about eventually placing a monument on the corner lot if it becomes available. One thing he would like to know is what people might see as other locations for a monument. Sometimes a location is overlooked because it is in plain sight. Do you have ideas about where in Milo a monument could be placed that will show our pride in our veterans ?

Please give Ronnyís request for input some thought and share with him any thoughts you may have. If you see a problem it would be good to know so that a solution can be found. If heís doing fine he will benefit from knowing that as well. You may reach Ronny at 279-9700. You can catch him in person at the American Jamboree, Saturday, May 23, at Milo Town Hall. Thank you for your help with this proud future addition to Milo.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.