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Penquis Valley Graduation 2002

June 16, 2002 - MILO

The 34th Graduating Class

Penquis Valley

June 16, 2002

Commencement Exercises

The Class of 2002

Class Honor Parts

Paul Kusnierz


Matthew Morris


Ryan Stanchfield

First Honor Essayist

Elizabeth Laverty

Second Honor Essayist

Class Student Government Members

Class President

Michael Grindle

Class Vice President

April Allen

Class Secretary

Ashlee McGill

Class Treasurer

Chad Gerish

Student Council President

Lindsay Hamlin

Student Council Vice President

Kristen Farrar

Student Council Treasurer

Brooke Hamlin

Student Council Representative

Eli Ladd

Student Council Representative

Megan Russell

Junior Student Council Representative

Eileen Flanagan

Members of the Class of 2002

April Alien, Peter Bissell, Timothy Briggs, Courtney Brown,Sallie Byme, Lesly Chase, Linda Cobum, Cassandra Conlogue, Justin M. Cook, Lawrence Davis, Jessica Decker, Jessica Dyer, Candice Ekholm, Danielle Emmons, Kristen Farrar, Jeremy Ferris, Eileen Flannigan, Adam Foran, A.J.Gahagan, Chad Gerrish, Chester L. Gillis, Christopher Gray, Michael Grindle, Anders Hamlin, Brooke Grindle, Anders Hamlin, Brooke Hamlin, Lindsay Hamlin, Erica Havens, Brandon Hoxie, Terrence Joyce, Ben Knapp, Paul Kusnierz, Eli Ladd, Ryah LaMunyon, Elizabeth Laverty, Jessica Leland, Christopher Maden, Ashlee McGill,  Andrea McLaughlin, Randy McMahon, Jennifer Merritt, Joseph Mohseni, David R. Morton , Matthew Morris,Crystal Nickerson, Caleb Nuite, Miranda C. Patton, Edward Phil Roberts, Lacey Russell, Megan Russell, Jason Smith, Ryan Stanchfield, Scott Stetson, Shannon Wentworth, Amanda White, Meggin Young, Jessica Zeigler and Kimberly Zimmerman.

Special Veteran Diploma

Hanford "Sonny" James Burton

The PVHS Senior Class of 2002 would like to congratulate Mr. Hanford "Sonny" James Burton for receiving his High School Diploma.

Senior Class Advisors

Mrs. Christine Hamlin

Mrs. Andrea Lumbra

Mr. Carl Wilson

Mrs. JoAnn Joslyn


(Siblings of the members of the class of 2002)

Jordan Allen

Justin Allen

Robbie Cook

Mindy Dyer
Katie Farrar

Kate Hamlin

Erica Hodgden

Jessica LaMunyon

Travis Patton
Katie Madden

Rebecca Madden

Ashlei McMahon

Luke Morris

Class Moto

"If it wasn't for last minutes nothing would get done."

Class Song

Joe Cocker - A Little Help From My Friends

Class Colors

Navy & Red

Thank you Mrs. Decker for 34 years of teaching excellence. We'll miss you!

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