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Church And Community Outreach Program - May 2


As the pastor of Brownville Junction United Methodist ChurchI have been part of a group that hasbeen meeting with members of the community to learn from them and to solicit feedback on what some of us as church members can do in responding to some of the community needs within the area.

The past meetings have been very enlightening, to say the least,and the process has been very rewarding for some of us who are relatively new to the area.

Several projects have been identified and will be shared with you as part of the up-coming event mentioned above. This is also an attempt to ask for your involvement in shaping the outcome ofthe future Church And Community Outreach Program (CACOP) agenda.

As I write this letterI am reminded of the wise wordsofone church theologian,Bishop Camara, when he said (my paraphrase)...when you dream alone it is only a dream, but when you dream with others it is the beginning of reality. Yourinput and participation is critical to all that we hope to achieve.

This note is to alsoinviteall the area churches and faith-based communitiesto join us as we celebrate a community-church wide event (see attached flier).

We ask those who can to bring a dish to shareand if there are others who would like to participate in the eveningfamily funeventor to get more information to please get in touch with Suzette East, who is co-coordinating the program.

We look forward to meeting you and hopefully have some of your members join us in planning for future events. We trulyvalue your feedback and company.

Lets have some fun and fellowship on May 2nd 2009, 5p.m. at the Brownville Middle School.


Rev. Leshy Paynter (Pastor)


Brownville Junction UMC, 11 Front St., P.O. Box A, Brownville Junction, ME 04415

(207) 965-1951(office) / 965-7461 (Parsonage)

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