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Attempt to Undermine Help Fix Me funding !!!

April 04, 2009 - TRC

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The Animal Welfare  Registration License  Plate  Bill (LD-178), which will provide additional funding to the Help Fix ME Program and Maine's Animal Welfare Program was moving through the legislative process nicely. 
However, Senator Damon of Hancock County has been influenced by the $17 billion pet food industry and, at its urging, has attached  Amendment S-30 (see link below) to LD 178.  S-30 will  REDUCE funding to the Help Fix ME Program in the amount that the license plate will bring in !  This means that those of us, who pre-paid $25 for a plate to SUPPORT animal welfare, did so for nothing.  

As most of you know, Help Fix ME is so much in demand that the phone lines are open for less than 90 days per year.  As you also know, since its inception four years ago, Help Fix ME has prevented the birth of  tens of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs.   To further reduce animal shelter intakes the program needs the  additional  funding from the license plate.
Please take a  moment  right now to email your  Senator and ask him/her to NOT support amendment S-30 to LD 178 the license plate bill. This must be done by April 6th because the Senate vote is on the morning of April 7th.  If we stop the amendment now, it will not go on to the House.

To find your senator:
Go here:  http://www.maine.gov/legis/house/townlist.htm#H
Click on the first letter of your town to get your  Senator's name and contact information (even though it says “representative” the senators come up also).  Use the legislative email over the home email if it is available.  

That’s it - one short email will provide the additional funding to the Help Fix ME Program as intended and prevent the birth of thousands more unwanted animals.

To view amendment  S-30  go here:

Thank you everyone ! By working together, we can keep Maine’s animals safe, healthy and happy !

Susan Hall  (shall1@maine.rr.com)  781-9940
Sharon Secovich  (ssecovich@roadrunner.com)  499-7196
Submitted by : Katie Lisnik, Maine State Director,
The Humane Society of the United States
P.O. Box 10899
Portland, ME 04104
Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty

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