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It takes a village to raise…a garden, a sign and flags !

December 05, 2008 - MILO

John and Barbara Crossman are people with a purpose. The arson fire that burned through downtown Milo destroyed their Milo True Value store. Their loss has been shared by many far beyond the town limits who have made a connection in some way to the Crossmans and their store. On Wednesday, November 5, 2008 - with resiliency typical of Milo - came the beginning of something good and new. Pink tulips bulbs were planted on land where the Crossman’s Milo True Value store had been. The flowers will be a spring garden supporting breast cancer awareness and recognizing the many people fighting breast cancer. Mike Comeau, owner of Three Rivers Redemption and Feed, donated potting soil which will nurture the bulbs as they, and all of us, settle in for the winter. John and Barbara were joined in their project by volunteers Terry Bouchard and Bobby Hogan. The early blooming flowers by the post office have long been harbingers of the end of winter in Milo. Now there are going to be more beautiful flowers to welcome spring downtown.

Joe Beres, Chairman of Milo’s Board of Selectmen, has driven into town on Elm Street for many years going to work, to meetings and driving his busloads of MSAD 41 students. A landmark sign on Milo True Value had greeted Joe and everyone who came onto town by that route. The sign simply stated “Welcome to Milo a friendly town”. Over and over people were saying how much they missed seeing the sign. The words temporarily reappeared on signage at Milo Farmers Union. It was a welcome sight, but just not the same. Both Joe and John are members of the special crew who are Milo’s volunteer firefighters so it’s not surprising that along with tulip bulbs a sign made by Joe was also planted. The compliments are still echoing through town.
Once again people stopping at Elm Street’s intersection with Main Street see “Welcome to Milo a friendly town” and that much seems right again.

Imagining the sign in the spring, surrounded by pink tulips, is a cheery thought in itself. The picture was not complete though. The World of Flags USA is a home based business in Milo and store in Corinth owned by longtime Milo residents, Linda and Walter Lougee. They donated an American flag, a State of Maine flag and flagpoles. The flags waving on their poles completed the newest attraction on Main Street. The little park is a perfect greeting from Milo to everyone who comes our way.

At the time of the fire there was indescribable heroism, cooperation and support from the many people fighting the fire, the volunteers who prepared food and beverages for the firemen, and more people than will likely ever be known. After the fire, fundraising and other efforts for the fire victims were generous. Gratitude for the lives of the building residents and firefighters being spared was felt and heard everywhere in Milo. The guestbook on TRC Maine’s website filled with messages of encouragement and support from visitors to the site. It is comforting to know that so many people care and support Milo. We continue to recover from the shock and pain of the losses from the fire that razed so much of our downtown. Grant funds have been accessed and more will be requested. For sure, no one knows what Milo’s future will be. For sure, rebuilding downtown has begun in this little park.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.
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